12 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes


January last year, I made a post called ’10 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes’ and I’ve noticed that it’s been getting a lot of attention. Since I’m aware that some of the details in that post have changed since making it, I’ve decided to make an update, and try and find some new ones as well. At the bottom of this post will be updates on the previously mentioned boxes, and what their regime is now.

If you’re not certain what a ‘Subscription Box’ is, let me give you a quick run down. A subscription box is a regularly operating business that distributes boxes of ‘goodies’ during a certain time period, usually monthly based on a theme (but this can vary depending on the company). In this instance, we’re focusing on book boxes, which means there’s usually a book and a handful of book related items that are delivered to your door (or post office) after a certain date. IT’S AMAZING! If you haven’t spoiled yourself with one before, I highly recommend doing so!

So let’s stop chit-chatting, and get to it!


New Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes to mention:


Box Cost: $25 – $89.99 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Paranormal romance.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly Subscription.
About: Mysterious Crates Of Indie where you can get a crate full of goodies and a amazing book written by our featured author of the month!
We focus on bringing you the best stories that transports you to a world that takes you away from reality.
Each bookish swag that comes with the crate is picked by the author and myself. We are focused on spreading self published authors and their amazing worlds.
Crates are sent out monthly, if purchasing a crate before the month has arrived please note it wont be shipped out before the month arrives!
You can become a monthly subscriber securing your own crate each month by joining the facebook group linked to the store.
We feature the genre reverse harem by indie authors, please know what this genre contains, or you can always take a chance!
Photo credit: @naurarwen


Box Cost: $64.95 – $645.00 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: All genres, changes monthly. (1 book and 6 different teas!)
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly subscriptions – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
About: Being tea obsessed bookworms, we wanted to create a concept for our two passions. After a lot of research, wrong turns, right turns and a lot of tea tasting, Literary Tea Co. was born. Then, one spring day Literary Tea Co. was lovingly handed over to a new home!
Based in one of Sydney’s suburbs, working out of a small studio, we get to do what we love and create exciting, delicious tea blends based on writers we admire. Beautiful aromas fill the air and magical combinations tickle our tastebuds as we come up with and produce each blend. Everything we do is done with love and care and all of that is passed on to every single customer.
Tea and book lovers know that they aren’t just ‘things to do’ but they are a way of life.
Tea is more than a drink, it’s magic in a cup. Books are the life-blood of every deep thinker. Together they can help you conquer the world… or at the very least have a blissful afternoon.
Photo credit: Literary Tea Co.’s website


No photo description available.

Box Cost: $39.95 – 479.40 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: General Fiction, Crime/Thriller, Romance, True Crime, Fantasy & Biography/Memoir.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly (1 month, 3 months) OR prepaid (1 month through to 12 months option).
About: Strolling through a bookshop in early 2018, I despaired that (as a mother of two young children) I no longer had time to read a book…or did I?? Was it just that I didn’t prioritise it?? And so Luxuread was born…Luxuread wants to bring back the joy of reading by helping you make the time to really enjoy each book you delve into. Each month we select a fabulous (and well-reviewed) book, along with a beautiful beauty, lifestyle, or sweet treats to pamper you and entice you to put your phone down, turn Netflix off, and simply sit down and enjoy the story.   Our included treats are carefully selected for all you wonderful readers by our team, and can range from bath bombs and face masks, to gourmet chocolates and tea blends. We partner with amazing brands from around the globe to bring you premium quality goods.   All you have to do is pick your subscription frequency and genre (or purchase one of our prepaid options),  enter your details, and voila!All orders placed before the end of the month are eligible for the next month’s box, which will arrive on your doorstep in the first week each month…so put the kettle on, start running the bath, and stalk the postman!
Photo credit: @luxuread


Box Cost: $16 – $150 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Classic (Penguin Classics and items) or Minimalist (second-hand book, less items).
Types of Subscriptions: Recurring or gift subscriptions.
About: The NovelTea Book Club is a customisable book and tea subscription parcel. Every month you’ll receive a book, a tea sample and a selection of curated goodies, straight to your door. It’s everything you need for a cosy and relaxing afternoon.
Take the fuss and stress out of being a book lover.
Photo credit: @lostinstacks


Box Cost: $39.85 – $44.85 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: 
Bitty Box contains 2-3 sturdy board books and is perfect for little ones aged 0 – 2.5 years.
Biggie Box contains 2 beautiful hardcover picture books that will soon become your child’s favourites! Best suits children 2.5 – 6 years.
Family Box is the perfect solution for families with children of different ages or developmental stages. Each box contains 1 sturdy board book and 1 hardcover picture book so there is something for everyone!
Types of Subscriptions: Prepaid and recurring options. (1, 3, 6, months options)
About: Bookieboo is a monthly book subscription designed to make discovering new books and supporting local talent easy for parents and fun for kids! Each month’s box is lovingly curated to fit a theme, before the books are hand-wrapped and delivered to your door. There’s a variety of boxes to suit different ages, and even a Parent Guide included with each box to help you get the most out of your books!
Photo credit: @bookieboobox

Blogger’s note: Just want to mention they also have a curation service which is $10 per child (+ shipping)


Box Cost: $39 – 180 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Baby Stork, Double Storklet
Types of Subscriptions: One-month or three-months.
About: The Book Stork is a Newcastle-based company owned by Renee Dubé, a mother, wife and book lover who is passionate about encouraging the love of reading to start from a very young age.
Each month Renee carefully curates a Book Stork box to perfectly match your Storklet’s age and interests as well as a book she believes your child will love.
Renee’s fondest childhood memories are being curled up on the lap of a loved one while being read to. Now that she has a child of her own, reading to her son is the best part of her day.
She believes that every child should have the opportunity to discover the amazing world of reading and hopes The Book Stork will inspire a whole tribe of young book lovers across Australia!
Photo credit: @thebookstorkau


Box Cost: $20 – $400 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: 1 book, 2 books, or 3 books a month.
Types of Subscriptions: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months.
About: Everyday should be special but here at Little Pages, we believe some days are a little more special than others. With that in mind, give the gift of books to someone special in your life. We have scoured the globe to uncover a lovely range of childrens books to help you create a unique library for that little person in your life.
As a life-long lover of books, I was curious about the idea of creating an online book subscription service for little tots. A delivery service providing beautiful, fascinating and easy to read children’s books. Little Pages doesn’t play favourites, we aim to provide relevant, age specific, great reading books for your children. The best part, they are delivered to your door, regularly throughout the year.
Photo credit: Little Pages’ Website

Blogger’s Note: With the help of Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Little Pages’ will be donating 5% of all their profits to the hospital network in the form of books.

10 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes from the last post:


Their Closing Post: Hi everyone! So as you’ve been aware, we’ve been MIA over the last few months and we wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh year and decade to explain what happened and what we’re doing moving forward so please read on (it gets lengthy!).
In short, life has been overwhelming and without noticing, we both found ourselves pulling away from TYAC. Logging onto our social media accounts and seeing all the notifications became a point of anxiety for the both of us, and we’re incredibly sorry if you’ve messaged/emailed us and we never got back to you.
So much of our lives has changed since we started TYAC, especially during 2019 where every little thing that could go wrong, went wrong. As a result, at the tail end of last year we came to the realisation that not only were we not as enthusiastic about TYAC as we used to be, we just straight up weren’t happy. We both took a step back to focus on other parts of our lives, to find what made us happy again and be present for that.
Lately, running TYAC has felt like going through the motions. We still loved everything we were putting into each box, but the actual process of getting it all done – choosing the book, deciding a theme, finding items and then having most of them not work out – had started to weigh heavily on us both.
For those of you who may not be aware, TYAC is a very small business. Our boxes don’t come out of a packing facility, but rather since we began in 2015, we’ve been operating out of Alison’s home. There’s evidence of the organising, packing, shipping, and storage of excess products strewn all over her house.
TYAC has been so heavily interweaved into both our lives that it became difficult to see that it was a business – something that should have been making us money – rather than something that just needed doing. For the longest time we’ve had anxiety over whether our prices were too high (even though we were selling nearly all our boxes at cost price), whether the items were quality enough, whether we had enough items in the box, etc.
And so our growing and changing interests in other parts of our lives, anxiety and stress over every aspect of TYAC, the fact that we weren’t making much money in the process, and all the issues we had last year all merged together and a couple months ago we refunded all outstanding subscriptions.
Now the big question: What does this mean moving forward?
We’ve realised that the month-to-month (or bimonthly) boxes are not something that we can realistically stick to anymore. Unless there’s a title we’re extremely passionate about sharing with the YA community, we will no longer be hosting subscriptions.
That said, we have a lot of previous boxes still available for purchase. These are all up on our website and we will ship out orders every two weeks.
We will not be shutting down our social media accounts and will continue to be active on them (especially Twitter) so that we can continue to promote all the exciting new titles coming into the world. The whole reason we began TYAC in the first place was to share our passion and excitement over new releases, so we will continue to do that in what capacity we can.
So for those of you who have stuck around with us since the beginning, or those who have purchased the sporadic box, we would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, we wouldn’t have lasted as long as we did. And we would also like to apologise again for dropping the ball last year. But as many of you know, mental illness is not a fun thing to deal with and sometimes you need to drop some balls so that you can make it through the day.
Photo Credit: girlwithallthebooks_


Box Cost: $37.00 – $434.00 AUD (includes shipping)
Options Available: 
– Modern Fiction
– Crime & Thriller
– Young Adult
– Historical Fiction
– Fantasy
– Chick Lit
– Science Fiction
– Horror

– Body & Mind
– Business
– Politics
– History
– Non-Fiction
– Autobiography
– Sport
– Adult Colouring
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly. Pay by the month – charged as you go (reccuring) OR pay up front – fixed term of 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.
About: Join Australia’s original and most-loved book subscription service.
Since 2015, we’ve delighted tens of thousands of readers all across Australia and New Zealand with their very own handpicked book subscriptions.
Learn more about how Bookabuy works and their story here, or start your personalised reading journey by following the link above.
Photo credit: @wearethegilmores


BLOGGER’S NOTE: They do run a bookish magazine instead, if you’re interested in checking that out. You can find their Instagram here.

Their Closing Post: To our loyal Cre8ive Customers,
As you may be aware all of us here at Cre8ive HQ have been heavily effected by the bushfires these last two months. After coming home yesterday and discovering with enormous amount of gratitude that our house is still standing, we sat down and discussed our options. With everything we’ve gone through and looking to the future it is with extremely heavy hearts that we have decided to close Cre8ive Inspir8ions.
We adore the book community and have appreciated all the love and support we’ve received since opening in 2018. Sadly we can no longer achieve the goals we had set out for the year and we would rather not disappoint anyone with less than fully committed hearts. You all deserve the best and at this time we just cannot deliver it. We thank you all for the wonderful impact you’ve made on our lives and we cherish the friendships we’ve made and continue to make in the book community. Thank you for your support and for helping fulfil our wildest dreams.
The last boxes ever to be sent out will be the January YA and Indulgence boxes as promised. We appreciate all of your patience and understanding during this time. We are so lucky to have such amazing (if not THE BEST) customers and we wish you all the best for the rest of the year.
You’ll still see me, Nicky, around on instagram as I will still continue to review and share bookstagram photos, but the others will be moving on to other opportunities.
Once again, we thank you so much for your support, your love and encouragement.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to answer them all.
Thank you and happy reading!
– @cre8ive_nicky and the Cre8ive Team xoxo
Photo Credit: happyindulgence


Box Cost: $39.95 – $479.00 AUD (+shipping -> free shipping for Australia, $5 shipping for NZ, $20 shipping for the rest of the world)
Options Available: Romance, Young Adult, Childrens, Horror & the Unknown, & Fantasy.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly. One off payment, no subscription, OR 1 month/3 months/6 months/12 months subscription.
About: I’m an avid book reader and collector.
I enjoy reading, because a book is like a portal into an unknown world.
And I believe everyone should enjoy reading and relaxing.
Here, at Bookworms Of Oz, I give you just that.
Each month you will receive a new book and products.
The products could be related to the book itself or just general luxury items to go with your genre.
Photo credit: @bookwormsoz


Their Closing Post: It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that after our February box, the Book Fairies will be packing up the fairy dust and tucking in the books for the last time. I am embarking on my next adventure and going to uni in the first steps towards becoming a Police woman and unfortunately, as a one-man-band, I won’t be able to keep up with this business while studying.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank every single armchair adventurer and book fairy who has come with me on this journey of bookisness and self care, who has stood up with me in diversity, who has shared their photos and unboxings, who has become a friend and who has supported me in every single way. To all my honorary fairies who have helped me pack boxes till silly hours in the morning and drive all day hand delivering boxes with me; I have been so honoured and so blessed. I am absolutely heart broken to have to make a decision on one or the other for my future but if my preaching on self care has taught me anything, I have to recognize I just cannot feasibly do both without going mad.
Thankyou for all your kind messages and know that my heart is bursting. I will be ABSOLUTELY going out with a bang and uni may have to drag me away kicking and screaming.
Finality wise; everyone with left over subscriptions will be fully refunded on the 15th of February when I send out the last box. Box by box Subscriptions will be renewed for the last time on the 15th of January so in a few days. And I will be selling everything I have left, including discounted past boxes and boutique items because you guys will probably like them more then I need duplicates of everything Haha. Keep checking in here for updates on dates for that and the February theme this weekend!!
Thankyou for making me a better person and for getting me through a tough year my loves. I’m so sorry to say a goodbye but know that the Armchair Adventurer club is always open as long as everyone holds it in their heart. Read on and take care.
And let’s start this year with some bookish self care!
Bonnie xx
Photo Credit: The Book Forest Crate website


Their Closing Post: 😭 THIS IS IT! 😭
We’ve set a date; please send all my babies to a great home by the 30th November! #SetTheDate 📅
Our very last bi-monthly subscription crate will close orders on the 31st October and ready to go out the door around the 15th. And then there will be two weeks left to get rid of all our leftover stock before we close forever #BooHoo 😢
So with that in mind, we have 50% off all our Contemporary Classic Crates from now. No need for a code, it will do its thing when you order. Make sure you get the crates you’ve been 👀 off for a while now, this will be the last chance!
Photo Credit: The Bookish Escape website


Their Hiatus Post: We’re so sorry.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Never Never Book Box will be going on hiatus.
This means that all of our active subscriptions have been paused and our customers will be receiving an automated cancellation email. Current subscribers will receive a full notification email, explaining all the details about this hiatus, payment and future boxes.
Photo Credit: David Versace


Box Cost: $9.00 – $168.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: All genres are covered.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly – subscription and one time only. 1 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
About: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Once a book is read what happens to it? It sits up on a shelf or put away into storage in a cupboard or shed or even worst it goes into landfill. What use is it to anyone not being used? We aim to put preowned books back into circulation. Save money, the environment, and great literature. 
Photo Credit: The Relove Print website.


Box Cost: $31.12 AUD (free shipping to AUS, paid shipping to the rest of the world)
Options Available: Unknown, couldn’t proceed through checkout.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
About:  Aussie Nerd Herd is a Western Australian based online book club. Delivering you a monthly box jam packed with value! Each month you receive a carefully selected book (or two depending what you sign up to), 2-5 gifts, information about the author and tea/coffee of the month. Sign up any time during the month to receive that month’s box. Orders are mailed no more than 5 days after ordering, and 5 days after your renewal. Best bit is you can cancel any time! (although I don’t know why you would).
Photo Credit:The Aussie Nerd Herd website.


Box Cost: $44.95 – 485.40 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Romance
Types of Subscriptions: Build Your Own Box, Single Purchase, and subscriptions (1, 3, 6, & 12 months).
About:  The New Romantics book box is a subscription service for romance novels and beauty and self care products. Subscribe to receive a new work of romance fiction every month, along with gorgeous gifts hand-selected by our team and produced by local and independent suppliers
Photo Credit:The New Romantics Book Box Facebook page.

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