22 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes UPDATED 2021

Here’s the latest book box update!

Since I’m aware that some of the details in that post have changed since making it, I’ve decided to make an update, and try and find some new ones as well. At the bottom of this post will be updates on the previously mentioned boxes, and what their regime is now.

If you’re not certain what a ‘Subscription Box’ is, let me give you a quick run down. A subscription box is a regularly operating business that distributes boxes of ‘goodies’ during a certain time period, usually monthly based on a theme (but this can vary depending on the company). In this instance, we’re focusing on book boxes, which means there’s usually a book and a handful of book related items that are delivered to your door (or post office) after a certain date. IT’S AMAZING! If you haven’t spoiled yourself with one before, I highly recommend doing so!

So let’s stop chit-chatting, and get to it!

New Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes to mention:


Box Cost: $35 – $69AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Book Only, Candle Book Box & Indie Book Box
Types of Subscriptions: Single purchase & monthly.
In a world where the book box industry is consistently growing, we strive to bring you quality reads and unique products that we ourselves would love to receive in a book box.
We feature independently published authors every month, which means we may even help you discover your new favourite author! To top it off, the items you will find inside your box are inspired by independently published books and created by small businesses and artists in Australia.
Our aim is to help small business in Australia and independently published authors flourish in a market that is heavily flooded with traditionally published books.
Photo credit: @onebookishgirl


Box Cost: $45 – $90AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Full Subscription, Book & Pin Subscription.
Types of Subscriptions: single purchase & monthly.
The Fable Crate is a monthly book subscription box. In every one of our Fully Fabled boxes you will receive a newly released Young Adult, New Adult or Crossover fantasy novel plus 6-8 exclusive goodies relating to each month’s theme
We also have Feather Fabled boxes which include the book, bookplate and the monthly pin.
Photo credit: @_inkandthorns


Box Cost: $45 – $250AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Mini, Lite & Full
Types of Subscriptions: 1 month & 3 months.
We are Steph and Em, sisters from the Gold Coast, aiming to feature small Australian bookish businesses alongside indie and traditional books. All our full boxes will feature 5-8 bookish goodies (cursed, of course!), alongside our book of the month! Lite boxes will feature the book of the month plus 3-5 items. Themes are revealed at the beginning of every month, and boxes go on sale on the 5th of every month. We love working with fellow small businesses, so our aim is to give them as much love as possible! Same goes to the authors. We’ll give sneak peaks into some of our vendors when boxes go on sale, but don’t worry, they’ll be awesome!
Photo credit: devoured_pages


Box Cost: $55 – $120AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Romace: Mini boxes & the Ulitmate box.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
I am a dedicated reader, bookstagrammer, a lover of paperbacks, and the one thing I adore most is owning signed paperbacks!
I realised that in Australia we don’t have Limited or Exclusive Options when it comes to a dedicated Romance Book Box. And so this box was born. 
I am proud to be offering a unique box in Australia, showing all of our customers the quality and care they deserve with every box.
At Beyond the Pages, we believe in creating unique experiences for all of our customers. We offer boxes that let you indulge, satisfy your inner bookworm, enjoy life and receive sweet surprises more often.
Each item and book has been chosen by myself and is an item or book that I adore! So I know you will love them too. 
Each box will be unique with its inclusions, there will be no repeated items, and each box will have a different theme with a wide variety of Authors in each box. 
Most of all I hope you treasure these books as much as I do.​
Charli x
Photo credit: Beyond the Pages Book Box Facebook page.


Box Cost: $60 – $70AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Book included, merch only.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
About: One More Chapter Book Box is a read-along book box. All of the items in the box will be related to part of the book. Each item will be wrapped and labelled with a page or chapter number. You can chose to open everything when you first receive your box, or you can join in with our read-along and open them up with the OMCBB fam!
Photo credit: @fiction.fox


Box Cost: $35 – $199AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Business books.
Types of Subscriptions: monthly, 3 months, 6 months.
We’re Australia’s first book club dedicated to business books.
As two best mates (Jarryd Bradley and Marko Zitko) who both love reading, discussing and recommending good business books to each other, we started The Mercury Book Club to build a community of readers.
We spend hours upon hours reading business books, talking about business books and then painstakingly selecting a business book each month for our readers. If you can’t tell, we love business books.
What we hate is cheesy, dry sales manuals disguised as self help books or inspirational stories.
So we want to read and share nothing but insightful and well-written business books. We read everything from startup strategy to the tales of massive companies and their humble beginnings. From personal manifestos on finance and investing to thoughtful journals on leadership and self-development. We read the good, the bad and everything in between so you don’t have to.
If we send a book, you can trust it’s going to be a well-written, enjoyable and motivating piece of business literature.
Photo credit: The Mercury Book CLub website


Box Cost: $21 – $87AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Fiction, non-fiction, modern classic.
Types of Subscriptions: monthly, every second month.
Meg and Marissa, based in Melbourne, met in the park behind Meg’s house at the age of 3. A spontaneous but lasting friendship of 25 years so far – we are still joined at the hip! A shared passion, we swap our books, learnings and opinions like there is no tomorrow. We are inspired by great writing, the art world, good music and challenging theatre.
We had big plans for 2020 but COVID had other ideas. So we thought it about time we turned our book obsession into something larger.
Photo credit: Literati Book Club website.


Box Cost: $19.95 – $39.95AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Adult: One book, two books, three books. Young reader: Two books, three books.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
The curators at wild books have worked in the book trade for many years, and we know how hard it is for people to just find a good read.
We do that for you! We hand pick books we know you’ll love, and give a discarded book a new life.
All our books are only gently used, we aim to deliver the best quality and value directly to your door. All our boxes include shipping.
As well as a passion for hunting treasures, we love this home of ours. All our packing is either recycled or designed to be reusable.
Photo credit: The Wild Book Box Facebook page


Box Cost: $29 – $35AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Adult & kids.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly, every two months.
Laura here, the co-founder of WellRead. As a former book publishing professional and bookseller, I had long held the romantic dream of opening up a bookshop. Alas, time, money and kids slowed me down and the dream pivoted to a book subscription service. I joined forces with my friend and tech-wiz, Biz, and together we created WellRead to share our passion for books in a unique, modern and curated way. Biz has since returned to the tech world, but the business will always have some of her in it.
WellRead brings together discovery, reading and joy. We understand just how overwhelming decision-making can be when it comes to selecting new books in a saturated market. Our proposition is that we will read mountains of books and cherry-pick the best new literary titles so that you don’t risk wasting precious time and money on duds.
We understand that being well read might mean different things to different people. For us it’s not in the quantity of books you read but in the quality. Don’t expect mass market books from us. Do expect rich reading experiences with nuanced characters and interesting premises that leave you enchanted or stirred or enlivened and always a little bit changed. 
Our curatorship is geared towards stimulating the reading lives of our members. We want to keep you WellRead. 
Laura x
Photo credit: Well Read Facebook page.


Box Cost: $39 – $45AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Pciture Books, Early Reader, Middle Grade & YA.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly, bi-monthly, one-off.
Hi, I’m Geni Kuckhahn – copywriter, creative writer, freelancer, book reviewer and mum of two. Pen and Fable is my brainchild; a culmination of my love of literacy and respect for young readers and writers. I’m here to share books and stories, nurture writing skills and create space for kids and young adults to express themselves.
I love to read and I love to write. I have been writing stories and creating worlds since before I knew how to form letters on paper. I was never in any doubt that I would one day come to live by my pen. But time and hindsight have taught me two things; First. that young people are often discouraged from choosing a creative career and second, that young readers are rarely asked on a broad scale what they think about the books written for them. I believe that a shift needs to be made to make room for creative young minds to embrace their passions, and their voices need to be heard. That’s what we’re doing here.
Photo credit: @_notjustamum


Box Cost: $29.95 (+ shipping)
Options Available: Uses an algorithm to find your next read. Fiction.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly, once every two months. Prepard: three months, six month, twelve months.
Half human, half machine. Our algorithm learns your preferences then gets to know you better as you tell us what you like and don’t like about the books we send you. Our expert curators select books you’ll love based on your personal preferences.
Born in Melbourne during the COVID-19 lockdown, our aim is to enrich peoples’ lives in the age of social distancing and beyond with the joy of good books. We get non-readers reading and regular readers expanding their literary palettes.
One book delivered monthly for $29.95 per month or one book delivered every two months for $29.95 every two months, including delivery. Prepaid subscriptions are also available at lower monthly rates.
If you’ve already read a book we send you, you can return it for free.
Photo credit: Bionic Book Subscription


Box Cost: $60 – $90AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Pride & Limited Edition boxes.
Types of Subscriptions: Single, monthly.
Each month we choose a new release paperback in four genres: Pride, Young Adult, Romance, and Science Fiction.
We then handpick 5-6 items that match the theme, many of which are custom made and only available from Book Addiction.
These items will differ from month to month, so you can expect a mix of candles, bath products, jewellery, bookmarks, memorabilia, candy, tea/coffee, or anything else that tickles our fancy that month.
We then box up your items together with your brand new book and mail them out mid-month.
We love seeing your posts on social media, so don’t forget to tag us! And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we will post hints about upcoming boxes and other interesting bookish news.
Photo credit: Book Addiction Facebook page.

10 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes from the last post:


Box Cost: $25 – $89.99 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Paranormal romance.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly Subscription.
About: Mysterious Crates Of Indie where you can get a crate full of goodies and a amazing book written by our featured author of the month!
We focus on bringing you the best stories that transports you to a world that takes you away from reality.
Each bookish swag that comes with the crate is picked by the author and myself. We are focused on spreading self published authors and their amazing worlds.
Crates are sent out monthly, if purchasing a crate before the month has arrived please note it wont be shipped out before the month arrives!
You can become a monthly subscriber securing your own crate each month by joining the facebook group linked to the store.
We feature the genre reverse harem by indie authors, please know what this genre contains, or you can always take a chance!
Photo credit: @naurarwen


Box Cost: $64.95 – $645.00 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: All genres, changes monthly. (1 book and 6 different teas!)
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly subscriptions – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
About: Being tea obsessed bookworms, we wanted to create a concept for our two passions. After a lot of research, wrong turns, right turns and a lot of tea tasting, Literary Tea Co. was born. Then, one spring day Literary Tea Co. was lovingly handed over to a new home!
Based in one of Sydney’s suburbs, working out of a small studio, we get to do what we love and create exciting, delicious tea blends based on writers we admire. Beautiful aromas fill the air and magical combinations tickle our tastebuds as we come up with and produce each blend. Everything we do is done with love and care and all of that is passed on to every single customer.
Tea and book lovers know that they aren’t just ‘things to do’ but they are a way of life.
Tea is more than a drink, it’s magic in a cup. Books are the life-blood of every deep thinker. Together they can help you conquer the world… or at the very least have a blissful afternoon.
Photo credit: Literary Tea Co.’s website

Author’s Note: Products were Out of Stock at the time of creating this post.


Box Cost: $54.90 – $634.80 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: General Fiction, Crime/Thriller, Romance, True Crime, Fantasy, Biography/Memoir, Young Adult, Business & Historical Fiction.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly (1 month, 3 months) OR prepaid (1 month through to 12 months option).
About: Strolling through a bookshop in early 2018, I despaired that (as a mother of two young children) I no longer had time to read a book…or did I?? Was it just that I didn’t prioritise it?? And so Luxuread was born…Luxuread wants to bring back the joy of reading by helping you make the time to really enjoy each book you delve into. Each month we select a fabulous (and well-reviewed) book, along with a beautiful beauty, lifestyle, or sweet treats to pamper you and entice you to put your phone down, turn Netflix off, and simply sit down and enjoy the story.   Our included treats are carefully selected for all you wonderful readers by our team, and can range from bath bombs and face masks, to gourmet chocolates and tea blends. We partner with amazing brands from around the globe to bring you premium quality goods.   All you have to do is pick your subscription frequency and genre (or purchase one of our prepaid options),  enter your details, and voila!All orders placed before the end of the month are eligible for the next month’s box, which will arrive on your doorstep in the first week each month…so put the kettle on, start running the bath, and stalk the postman!
Photo credit: @luxuread


Box Cost: $19 – $150 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Classic (Penguin Classics and items) or Minimalist (second-hand book, less items). Comes with tea or coffee.
Types of Subscriptions: Recurring or gift subscriptions.
About: The NovelTea Book Club is a customisable book and tea subscription parcel. Every month you’ll receive a book, a tea sample and a selection of curated goodies, straight to your door. It’s everything you need for a cosy and relaxing afternoon.
Take the fuss and stress out of being a book lover.
Photo credit: @lostinstacks


Box Cost: $39.85 – $44.85 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: 
Bitty Box contains 2-3 sturdy board books and is perfect for little ones aged 0 – 2.5 years.
Biggie Box contains 2 beautiful hardcover picture books that will soon become your child’s favourites! Best suits children 2.5 – 6 years.
Family Box is the perfect solution for families with children of different ages or developmental stages. Each box contains 1 sturdy board book and 1 hardcover picture book so there is something for everyone!
Types of Subscriptions: Prepaid and recurring options. (1, 3, 6, months options)
About: Bookieboo is a monthly book subscription designed to make discovering new books and supporting local talent easy for parents and fun for kids! Each month’s box is lovingly curated to fit a theme, before the books are hand-wrapped and delivered to your door. There’s a variety of boxes to suit different ages, and even a Parent Guide included with each box to help you get the most out of your books!
Photo credit: @bookieboobox

Blogger’s note: Just want to mention they also have a curation service which is $10 per child (+ shipping). As of making this post, Bookieboo isn’t currently taking new customers.


Box Cost: $20 – $400 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: 1 book, 2 books, or 3 books a month.
Types of Subscriptions: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months.
About: Everyday should be special but here at Little Pages, we believe some days are a little more special than others. With that in mind, give the gift of books to someone special in your life. We have scoured the globe to uncover a lovely range of childrens books to help you create a unique library for that little person in your life.
As a life-long lover of books, I was curious about the idea of creating an online book subscription service for little tots. A delivery service providing beautiful, fascinating and easy to read children’s books. Little Pages doesn’t play favourites, we aim to provide relevant, age specific, great reading books for your children. The best part, they are delivered to your door, regularly throughout the year.
Photo credit: Little Pages’ Website


Box Cost: $37.00 – $434.00 AUD (includes shipping)
Options Available: 
– Modern Fiction
– Crime & Thriller
– Young Adult
– Historical Fiction
– Fantasy
– Chick Lit
– Science Fiction
– Horror

– Body & Mind
– Business
– Politics
– History
– Non-Fiction
– Autobiography
– Sport
– Adult Colouring
– Cookbooks
Options available: Standard (Fiction, Non-Fiction or Mixed), Books and Candles, Books and Socks, & Books and Tea.
Types of Subscriptions: Pay by the month – charged as you go (reccuring) OR pay up front – fixed term of 1, 2 or 3 month subscription.
About: Join Australia’s original and most-loved book subscription service.
Since 2015, we’ve delighted tens of thousands of readers all across Australia and New Zealand with their very own handpicked book subscriptions.
Learn more about how Bookabuy works and their story here, or start your personalised reading journey by following the link above.
Photo credit: @wearethegilmores


Box Cost: $39.95 – $479.00 AUD (+shipping -> free shipping for Australia, $5 shipping for NZ, $20 shipping for the rest of the world)
Options Available: Everything Home, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Young Adult, Childrens, Horror & the Unknown, & Fantasy.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly. One off payment, no subscription, OR 1 month/3 months/6 months/12 months subscription.
My name is Toni
I am the owner and operator of Bookworms Of Oz
I am an extremely avid book reader and collector and wanted to share my love of books with everyone else, so I started this business.
I believe reading takes us away from the current world and current problems and transports us to a place of wonder and excitement.
I am also a counsellor in training, attending TAFE till Jun till I achieve my Diploma and then heading into a Bachelor later in 2021. Hence why I have chosen to add 2 new categories for 2021.
Mental Health and Wellbeing is going to be an excellent monthly box and I can’t wait to get everyone onboard to #breakthestigma around people talking about and seeking help for mental health issues.
Everything Home is a monthly box I have wanted to do for a while now, and thought I would start it in 2021. It will be everything related to the place we spend most the time. From gardening, to recipe idea to sewing kits. It is going to be an enjoyable time curating the boxes for me.
Thank you for supporting a local small business owner.
Take Care,

Photo credit: @bookwormsoz


Box Cost: $9.99 – $168.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: All genres are covered.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly – subscription and one time only. 1 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
About: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Once a book is read what happens to it? It sits up on a shelf or put away into storage in a cupboard or shed or even worst it goes into landfill. What use is it to anyone not being used? We aim to put preowned books back into circulation. Save money, the environment, and great literature. 
Photo Credit: The Relove Print website.


Box Cost: $9 – 485.40 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Romance
Types of Subscriptions: Build Your Own Box, Single Purchase, Quarterly and subscriptions (1, 3, 6, & 12 months).
About:  The New Romantics book box is a subscription service for romance novels and beauty and self care products. Subscribe to receive a new work of romance fiction every month, along with gorgeous gifts hand-selected by our team and produced by local and independent suppliers
Photo Credit:The New Romantics Book Box Facebook page.

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