Buzzfeed Quiz: Which Book Series Are You? (Tiggity Tag Friday)

Who doesn’t love a good Buzzfeed quiz?

And I of course need to know which book series I am. How could I possibly live any further without knowing? Duh.

You can find the quiz here. 🙂


How can I just sit here and ignore Harry Potter? At the same time, if I choose Harry Potter, that will mean I have a higher change ending up with Harry Potter and I’m really curious to what the other options here are.

I’m going to choose the space one.


What’s Coach Carter? Will y’all hate me for not knowing that movie?

I love Disney and Mean Girls, but I’d have to say out of all these options, Avengers is probably the one I’m most likely to watch again.


Burger or Pizza?!

I love burgers, but I also love pizza!

I’d probably choose Pizza, it’s the one thing I’ve had to ditch that I really miss since changing my diet. 🍕🤤

QUESTION FOUR (final question):

Well this is a silly question. Reading! Duh!

(And no judgement, but who actually enjoys homework??)


They didn’t even give me a fun little description 😦

But I do love The Hunger Games, so yay!

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I just like books 🤷🏼‍♀️

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