LIFEL1K3 – Jay Kristoff (Honest Review)


The first book in the Lifelike series.

Kristoff - LifelikeGenre: Young Adult – Science Fiction
Target Audience: 14+ 
A- (88%)
Goodreads Rating: 4/5

Goodreads description:
On a floating junkyard beneath a radiation sky, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap.
Eve isn’t looking for secrets—she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she’s just spent six months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, and the only thing keeping her Grandpa from the grave was the fistful of credits she just lost to the bookies. To top it off, she’s discovered she can destroy electronics with the power of her mind, and the puritanical Brotherhood are building a coffin her size. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it.
But when Eve discovers the ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel in the scrap pile she calls home, her entire world comes crashing down. With her best friend Lemon Fresh and her robotic conscience, Cricket, in tow, she and Ezekiel will trek across deserts of irradiated glass, infiltrate towering megacities and scour the graveyard of humanity’s greatest folly to save the ones Eve loves, and learn the dark secrets of her past.
Even if those secrets were better off staying buried.


I ABSOLUTELY loved this novel. It was filled with kickass badassery!! I love, love, loved it! I found the concept compelling, the plot enthralling and the characters downright relatable! What more could I possibly want?!

Actually, I threw a little lie into that paragraph. I did love the concept, yes, but the plot was sometimes lacking.  I found that my mind had a tendency to go on a stroll during some parts and it became a chore in regards of roping those thoughts back. Pluuuuuus! The lovey-dovey part of this just seemed to kick into gear, realllll fast. Like KA-BAM. Instalove. This fact makes me really sad because I really like Jay Kristoff as an author, he’s excellent but D: this is a no-no for me.

How about we stop talking about the boring bits and the love, and get to the stuff that made me happy? Like the characters. Lemon and Eve have the friendship I would protect with my life. They are incredible characters, and if this book has anything to hold for itself its that kickass female duo. All of the friendships were pretty legendary and the interactions downright hilarious! That’s one thing Jay can do well, witty humour! The way the characters bounced off each other, it was an absolute treasure.

Not to mention, the plotting was pretty incredible. I’ve heard that others have found this story predictable, but I DIDN’T EXPECT A THING. The plot twists were SLAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA’AM!! Insane. I enjoyed the ride, and I’m sorry that others expected the twists and turns, because the unpredictability spiked my love for this novel.

Mister Kristoff is a wonderful author, he wowed me with Illuminae and again with Nevernight. It comes to no surprise that he’s produced another great and unique novel. Lifelike is a new concept of genre for me, I’m not a huge Sci-Fi reader, so I’m glad that this book has blown my expectations out of the water. In my opinion, it’s a truly exceptional novel.

The break down of my rating:
Plot: 8/10
Characterisation: 10/10
Style & Tone: 9/10
Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

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