Writing Update

Writing update status: Querying

You read right! I’ve moved on from the Beta Reader status. I’m in the midst of going through another grammar check, but even so, I’m officially at Querying status. I’ve sent out a total of four queries and have already received a few rejections, but even so, I know that’s part of the process. The only thing I can do is keep trying to improve my query letter and keep trying to improve on my novel.

Since I don’t want to spend all of my days stressing over Bright Hearts, I’ve moved onto two other projects. I have my Urban Fantasy novel which I’m referring to as Project Green, and then I have another contemporary story in the works which I don’t even have a working title for yet, so… um, yeah.

Project Green is about 20k words in. It has decided to take a turn for the unexpected, which does mean I need to revise over it a little bit before I can move on. Perhaps, I’ll leave that job for after Bright Hearts’ final (final) grammatical run through. For the time being, I’m working on structural changes for my Untitled Project as I had a light-bulb moment a few weeks back but have yet to act upon it.

Individual book statuses:
Bright Hearts: Querying/ Grammatical editing. (81k words)
Project Green: Revision. (20k words)
Untitled Project: Structural plotting. (14k words)

About Bright Hearts:
Bright Hearts follows the life of a homeless teen named Ronnie, who’s spent her entire life raising her little sister, Aurora. They’re stuck in their usual routine until Ronnie’s almost killed protecting her sister, and ends up in the hospital. During the process, Ronnie and Aurora are separated into different foster homes. Throughout this challenging time, two boys choose to befriend Ronnie and together they help her adjust to this new life.

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