All the Books I Read in 2019!

I was supposed to split this post up into two. Do half of it in July and then the other half now, but you know, sometimes plans don’t work out and you have to work twice as hard now because past-you was just lazy. Well… that’s what I’m experiencing now. Let’s dive into what I’veContinue reading “All the Books I Read in 2019!”

Beautiful YA Debut Novels

Everyone has looked at a book before and just basked in the beauty that it is. The details put into some of these debut novels is just astounding. It can take your breath away (not to mention your money as well). So this post is of seven of the most beautiful debut novels I haveContinue reading “Beautiful YA Debut Novels”

What Should I Read Now? (December 2018)

OOOoookay… I have the end of the year looming, with eight novels left to complete my reading challenge (and you bet your cutie batootie, I’m going to complete it). I have yet to fail a reading competition and I most definitely am NOT going to start now. So, eight books left.  Alex Butler and IContinue reading “What Should I Read Now? (December 2018)”