Favourite Books of 2017!

I’m very, very, VERY excited to announce which books touched my heart this year! I don’t have an order to which of these was my favourite, because honestly? I have no idea! They were all REALLY good! Basically, this is just a blob of all my favourites. Also, on another note, I’ve only recently startedContinue reading “Favourite Books of 2017!”

December 2017 Bookstagram Challenge

THERE’S SO MANY BOOKSTAGRAM CHALLENGES!! What’s a Bookstagram challenge? A Bookstagram Challenge is a month-long challenge that involves you and your books and bookish items. It’s a fun way to post more on your social media pages and just have fun showcasing what you own and the opinions you have on the books. Each dayContinue reading “December 2017 Bookstagram Challenge”

Writing Down the Books You Wanted

I think every bookworm has been through the process of forgetting the title of a book, or what it was you last read, but let me tell you what I do. I use what I like to refer to as a ‘Book Book’. This is a book, for your books. So, grab a notebook youContinue reading “Writing Down the Books You Wanted”