Life Update: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mental Health: Going surprisingly well considering the recent factors.
Health & Fitness: Going unsurprisingly poorly considering the recent factors.
Overall Happiness: Pretty happy, actually.

So sorry about the recent unexpected absence!
On here and all other social media platforms that I’ve abandoned and left to rot. My deepest apologies.

I normally post an update on my life on Saturdays, but this week and last were a little different from the usual run-of-the-mill weeks. Let’s start at the beginning, with the good news. I got my new shelf and desk! My desk is so much bigger and there’s so much space and I’m loving it so much. My shelf holds all my sticker stuff from papers to cutters to whatever else I need. It’s so organised and I’m in love with the new system. It’s still a work in progress and I still have so much stuff to find a home for but all in all, I’m having a fantastic time on that front.

In case you’re unaware, I run a small, little sticker business called Aster Paper Crafts. You can find me here or over on Etsy under AsterPaperCrafts.

The day after I built all my new, fancy furniture from the cheap furniture giant, IKEA, was my day off… sort of? I did have a short 3-hour shift that night but that hardly counts.

I woke up, did all the normal day-prepping stuff like feeding the pets, brushing my teeth, pretending my unruly hair is tamed, making fun of my brother for headbutting his bed when building it, and etc, etc. I spent a lot of time procrastinating before sitting down at my computer to do some work, only to realise that I was pretty cold. So, off on a mission I go. I get some socks for my feet off the clothes line, pet my cat (Fifi) who was happily outside in the cat cage and wandered back inside on the hunt for a thicker coat.

This is where it gets fun. (Not really). I got distracted by Gingy (another cat) who was happily basking in the sun in Mum’s room. I decided to pet him before going to get my jacket, and bent down to do so, only I never got there. It was this moment that set off a fun chain of events that’s prevented me from being as active as I like on here and social media. It’s this chain of events that’s thrown me into a reading slump.

Something in my lower back decided to give and it vibrated up my spine and down my legs. I remember crying out in absolute agony before collapsing onto Mum’s bed. My lower back get twisting in the awful way that was absolutely dreadful. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. My first thought, following all of the pain and the constant twinging in my lower back, was that I needed to get to my phone. That was in another room, with my computer.

I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know how I got off that bed and waddled my way to my office (it’s the garage). My vision was going, my breathing wasn’t right and there was a ringing in my ears. I remember chanting to myself, ‘get to the phone, don’t faint’ over and over again.

I got to my phone and collapsed for the second and final time onto the couch in there. I was in a really strange position, as it’s a decent length of couch, I managed to collapse too close to the arm of the chair, not offering that much space for my legs. They were bent in a weird position, and I think that caused my back to spasm more than it would have. But I’m not too sure on that.

I called Mum; she was a while away. She got our neighbour to help me, and she helped fix my leg problem a bit and get me some ibuprofen. After that, she had to go run some errands and I was left to wait in pain for Mum to get back home. I was freezing. My teeth were chattering, which wasn’t helping my back at all. I wanted to move somewhere else, I wanted to get a blanket that was a little warmer than the thin thing my neighbour had draped over me but I could barely move my arms let alone the rest of me.

When Mum got home, armed with Deep Heat, a microwavable heat pack, and the grit every Mum has, she helped me off of the freezing couch and out to the lounge room where I was buried beneath the perfect blanket with my heat packs. Recovery wasn’t fun, and it took me four days to get decent mobility back again. Even now, writing this post, I can still feel the subtle pain in my lower back.

I did go to the doctors on the first day. I did not go to work for those first four days. I did not drive until I had almost full mobility back again. I am doing stretches and yoga to help strengthen the muscles in my lower back so it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure weight loss will help greatly with that.

After this, I joked with my brother that I one-upped him. He’d gotten a decent shiner from when he headbutted his bed by accident. Little did I know, he would one up me.

On Wednesday, just shy of a week after putting out my back (that happened on Thursday the week prior), my brother ended up in hospital for a disease, diverticulitis. At the time, he didn’t know that’s what it was. He just had really bad stomach pain, and the doctor thought it might be appendicitis. That’s until scans were done and the truth was revealed. My brother was in a ton of pain for 48 hours and he was on a clear fluids diet to not upset his colon.

If you’re wondering what diverticulitis is, let me give you a basic (and not very educated) run down. I’m new to this disease just as much as you are, but here’s the general gist: Everyone has little pockets in their colon, but some people, those with diverticulitis just have stretchier skin there, and those pockets can get infected and puss can build. What my brother had, was puss in the wall of his colon, which unfortunately means he’ll have to go into surgery.

As of writing this post, 1st Aug, 2021, he’s been released from the hospital with the expectation of him returning in 6 weeks’ time for a colonoscopy before they book in a surgery date. Until then, I’m pretty sure he’s on antibiotics, but don’t quote me on that.

One more thing, to add to this fantastic fortnight, is that as of yesterday, 31st of July, Queensland, Australia has gone into its first ever hard lockdown. We’ve had lockdowns before, nothing as bad as this though. So here’s to catching up on all my social media and sticker work, because it looks like I’m going to have the time to do so.

Anyway, if you made it all the way to the end. Thank you so much for reading. If you’re skimming, here’s the general gist: 1) I put my back out petting my cat. 2) My brother ended up in hospital with an infected colon. 3) QLD is in its first ever hard lockdown. Yay 😦

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