Tiggity Tag: Book Characters and Me Book Tag

I’ve decided to take a break from stealing everyone else’s tags and create my own.

That’s a joke by the way — I always give credit where credit is due.

Just this time, the credit goes to me.

Anywho! Quick and simple: It’s about characters. Don’t look ahead, just answer the question and move on.

Think of a random author.

Sarah J Maas.

Think of a random character — any character — by this author. Who are they? What book are they from?

Dorian from Throne of Glass.

Describe them in a sentence or two.

Dorian’s the son of a mean king. He reads books, cares for others, and seems like a genuine soul.

Do you believe that you’re similar to this character?

Throne of Glass Dorian? Yes.
Kingdom of Ash Dorian? Not so much.

What’s something you like about this character?

His ability to adapt and move forward with life, no matter how hard and brutal it gets.

What’s something that you don’t really like about this character?

This is harder. I’ve never really thought about what I don’t like about Dorian. I’ve always liked him as a character. Ummmmm…

Next question?

Pick a completely different author. Who is it?

V.E Schwab.

Random character from one of their books?

Victor Vale.

Describe them in a sentence or two.

He’s an extremely smart man that has too much pride and desire to be right.

Do you believe that you’re similar to this character?

Not at all.

What do you like about this character?

His brains. The guy is super smart.

What don’t you like about this character?

He’s a bit of a jerk. Not as bad as Eli, but still a jerk.

These two characters stumble across one another and end up in a short conversation with each other. What’s it about?

It would have to be by accident, probably on the street. Victor might drop something and Dorian would pick it up and give it back to him. Victor would probably sense something in Dorian but not mention it.

Do they like each other? Is it civil?

It’s civil. Victor would be curious about Dorian but Dorian wouldn’t pay too much attention to the exchange.

If character 1 ended up in character 2’s world, would they survive?

Yes, it’s just our world with powers.

What about the other way around?

Yeah, Victor could survive that too.

Final question, if you had to kill one of these characters before their story began, who would you pick? Why?

Victor. It’s probably for the best. Plus, I love Dorian too much.

Thanks for reading!

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