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I stole this tag from the creator Crack a Book With Tina.

New Bookstore Smell

New bookstore smell like heaven. All the brand new books that have the brand new bookstore smell. And when you just walk in, just take, take a deep breath in and it’s heaven.


what series have you fallen in love with this year?

The series I’ve fallen in love with this year is less of a series and more of a duology. It’s by V.E Schwab and it’s the Villains duology. OMG I haven’t even read the second book yet but I know it’s going to be GOOD. Like this first book was absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you enough, you really really need to pick this duology up.

Used Book Store Smell.

Used bookstores smell like new books mixed with old books and it’s a different sort of happy place. You might find that one book that you’ve been really wanting, but don’t want to spend 30 bucks on a brand new or don’t want to buy brand new. Cause you’re not a hundred percent sure you’re going to like it. But you can maybe find it for two bucks at the used bookstore. Yeah. It’s a different sort of happy place to me. It’s like the musky books smell mixed in the new book smell and it’s just a different sort of heaven.


what book or series do you consider a hidden gem?

Invisible Boys by Holden Sheppard. It’s an incredibly written and absolutely powerful novel about the hardships of living in a small, rural town of Australia when you’re gay. It’s about not being accepted and finding a home in others. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming. It’s honestly beautiful.

Library Smell

Libraries have a distinct smell. It’s less about the smell, but the smell brings back, school, and studying and test, and it brings back a sort of sense of anxiety. But it also brings a sense of happiness. I go to the library now, not to find books to study. But to find a huge stack of books that I am going to read. It also has a sense of like excitement.


what books do you and your friends trade back and forth?

Uh… I don’t trade books, ever. I can’t handle a damaged book. Sorry!

New Hard Back Book Cover Smell

Hard backs don’t have a distinct smell like the new paperbacks new paperbacks to me. Paper backs have this vibrant new book, smell new hard backs. They do have a new book smell, but not as vibrant to me. I get a little disappointed and I should know by now. Right. Usually when I buy a hard backs it’s because it’s a brand new book that I just don’t want to wait for the paperback to come out. It’s super exciting. It’s super anticipated. I crack it open, take a sniff. And almost nothing.


what book have you read where you were expecting one thing but got something totally different?

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess something a little more high fantasy and a little less urban fantasy. I guess I was after a love interest that I didn’t hate. Why does everyone swoon after him? I truly don’t understand.

New Paperback Books.

My absolute favorite paperback books. Most of them to me have a vibrant, amazing smell. It is my favorite. That’s my ambiance for reading, cracking a new paperback, having that smell and just, it just puts me in a nice relaxing reading mood.


where is your perfect reading place?

In my bed. My lovely, warm and cat-friendly bed.

Used Book Smell

Used book smell can be interesting. Sometimes they don’t smell the greatest. Sometimes you a good musty old book smell, but more often than that, it’s not amazingness.


what book do you not like the cover but love the book?

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. An absolutely bombshell of a blast. Read it if you haven’t. But look at it! Look! Atrocious. Both of them.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead: 9781595141743 | PenguinRandomHouse.com:  Books
Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead

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