Short Review: FROM BLOOD AND ASH by Jennifer L Armentrout (Blood and Ash #1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4.5 stars.

It wasn’t what I expected. When I picked up From Blood and Ash, with a pile of 5 star reviews and high expectations resting on its shoulders, I expected it to be my next favourite. That’s the bad thing about over-hyped books, it steals the luxury of experiencing the shock and realisation that you’ve picked up a life-altering, top-of-the-list book. It steals that away because my mind is already packed with how I think I’ll perceive the book – whether I will or won’t.

From Blood and Ash follows Poppy. She’s been locked away and forced to follow a list of rules her entire life. Can you really be surprised that she’s not the person everyone wants her to be? I love Poppy, I love who she is and what she stands for. I love those that are originally close with her, those we start with at the beginning. Those that have come later I can’t help but be wary of. Those that have yet to earn my trust as a reader – and maybe that will change as I move on to the next book.

Filled with excellent writing and deep characters, this story is bound to rip out your heart and throw it on the floor like it’s nothing. It’s a good book, it really is, it’s just not worth the hype it’s getting.

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