Short Review: ALL THE STARS AND TEETH by Adalyn Grace

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my favourite fantasy read. It wasn’t necessarily bad; it just wasn’t particularly realistic in some areas. I know what you’re thinking: “Tash, it’s a FANTASY novel”, and you’re right. That’s not the part that isn’t realistic. Our main character, Amora Montara is forced on a journey with a pirate and her fiancé after she fails her quest to become the next High Animancer. As a young girl set to right a stack of wrongs, it seems unlikely that she would be able to have the persuasive ability that she does. That’s what’s unlikely.

Regardless, this is a book I would recommend if you’re after something light. Something for when you don’t necessarily have the mental capacity to focus on a lot. There’s a wide array of magic present in this book but they’re pretty easy to grasp. It’s an easy read with decent writing, for sure. Just don’t go in expected some high-end, epic fantasy that’s going to throw you in a whirlwind of politics and extreme worldbuilding with deep and relatable characters. This book isn’t that. It’s good, it’s just not that.

Published by Tash Broom

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