5 Australian Owned Bookish Mugs!

Hello and welcome! Each week we talk about a few bookish items that are sold by Australian businesses with a focus on a category, and this week we’re looking into mugs.

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s just have a looksie at the mugs, shall we?

1: JustTeacherThingz

Based: Perth, WA

Just Teacher Thingz is a little Etsy store that makes products aimed towards teachers and even parents. Although a lot of their mugs aren’t bookish, I wanted to include these anyway.

Check them out, their stuff is super cute!

2: LookMamaShop

Based: Canberra, ACT

“Funny badges and marvellous mugs!”

A cute little store filled with a lot of ‘geeky’ aimed mugs, perfect for book lovers and anyone with an interest (or obsession) with pop culture. A perfect present for a birthday or special occasion.

3: CreationsbyHallows

Based: Brisbane, QLD

Unlike the other two stores that have already been mentioned, this store focuses solely on books and series. This is for fandoms and for those that want something a little more specific than the cute ‘bookish’ mug.

4: TheCraftyMummy

Based: Queensland.

With a wide range of products including 51 BOOKISH MUGS. That’s just the book-related ones! There’s a wide variety of products from TheCraftyMummy and I highly recommend checking her store out to see if anything catches your attention for yourself or even someone else.

5: BookGeek

Based: Aroona, QLD

The only store on this list that isn’t a small Etsy business. I always encourage purchasing from small, independant sellers and despite being a bigger store, this is no exception! A very cute and professional bookish store filled with more than just bookish mugs.


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