6 Australian Owned Bookish Stickers (Talking Talent Tuesday)

Welcome to the first ever Talking Talent Tuesday!

This post is inspired immensely by a post I made a long while ago set around Australian Bookish Subscription Boxes. You can find my updated post about that one here. A lot of you guys were really interested in that post and which companies are doing what, and I thought that maybe I could really put a lot of my effort in pushing small businesses. It’s impressive to see what so many talented people can do.

This week I want to talk about those Bookish Sticker Businesses. The ones that make the quirky, the cute, and the down right incredible sticker for all of us to enjoy.

Let’s cut past my talking and just jump straight into six Australian Small Sticker Businesses.

1: BelleRegalia

Based: Melbourne, VIC
Sticker Types: Washi Tape, vinyl decals, bookplates.

Welcome to Belle Regalia! Here you’ll find jewellery and gifts inspired by Books, Art Nouveau, Victoriana, Geekery and all things in between. Check out my new t-shirt store, Studio Belle Design, for shirts that ship from the AU, US & EU.

2: simplyallytea

Based: Sydney, NSW
Sticker Types: Standard stickers.

A little store run by simplyallytea on IG. It’s a bookish and geeky store that sells stickers, patches, enamel pins and more!

3: apricusnotes

Based: Perth, WA
Sticker Types: Die cut and sticker sheets.

Apricus Notes is a little store created by Becca that focuses on stickers, stationery & journaling.

4: pagesxconstellations

Based: QLD
Sticker Types: Die cut and sticker sheets.

Pages and Constelltions is a cute little online shop that focuses on bookmarks and stickers. Perfect for the addicted booklover!

5: mythoughtfulspace

Based: Perth, WA
Sticker Types: Die cut and sticker sheets.

My Thoughtful Space is filled with cozy and thoughtful stickers & prints!

6: Mockeri

Based: Sydney, NSW
Sticker Types: Sticker sheets.

Mockeri is a cute little store filled with Fun Planner Stickers and Accessories.


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