Buzzfeed Quiz: This Cosy Quiz Will Reveal Which Book You Should Read Next (Tiggity Tag Friday)

With this whole quarantine situation happening at the moment, I’m finding that I have quite a bit of time alloted for reading. So, how about I ignore my growing TBR and take some recommendations from the experts, Buzzfeed.

Now please take into consideration that this quiz was made in 2017, and thus it won’t have some new bookies on there.

Let’s get into it!

You can find the quiz here. 🙂

QUESTION ONE: Pick a fireplace to relax in front of

I’ve numbered the fireplaces so y’all can follow along, and it won’t get all confusing.

The number that I’m going to have to choose, because it just looks comfy as heck, and I can pile books on top of it, is number 5. It looks so pretty!

QUESTION TWO: Pick a blanket to cosy up in

With my lovely and white fireplace (please imagine an abundance of books piled on top, to the point that it seems dangerous in both height and the fact that it’s close to fire), I need to pick a blanket to match. My heart is set on number three, it reminds me of flannel shirts, and who doesn’t love a good flannel?!

QUESTION THREE: Pick a hot meal

Who doesn’t love a good pie?! I have to pick the Shepherd’s Pie. Just looking at it is making me hungry, yum!

QUESTION FOUR: Pick a relaxing evening activity

Excuse me, but where’s the reading option?! *dramatic huff* Fine, I guess I’d probably pick baking, who doesn’t love a good cookie or cake? My favourite thing to bake at the moment is gingerbread. It’s absolutely devine!

QUESTION FIVE: Pick something to make things a lil’ cosier

My heart lies with fairy lights. I have zero questions about it. Lights. Give me them fairy lights!

QUESTION SIX: Pick a hot drink

Fun fact about me, I don’t really like hot drinks. Yikes. But I do love chocolate, so, I’ll pick the hot chocolate!

QUESTION SEVEN: Pick something to snack on

It’s a hard choice between the brownies and the mini pizzas. Right now I’m starving because it’s lunch time, and because of the reason, I think I’ll lean toward pizza. Man, what I’d do for a really good pizza right now.

QUESTION EIGHT: Pick a candle scent to fill your home with

Fruity scents are normally my go to, but I’m actually not a big fan of citrus smells. I’ll probably pick cinnamon, I’d love to have my home smelling like a donut!

I got: Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland

Fifteen years ago, Loveday Cardew’s life changed in one single night. Since then, she’s found a new life working in a bookshop, but her past can’t be pushed away much longer, as it turns out someone knows about it and is trying to send her a message. Loveday doesn’t know who she can trust or what can do, and this book is sure to make you laugh and cry in equal measure (although maybe cry just a little bit more).

Fun fact! I actually have this one on my shelf already! Haha

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