TEEN TITANS: RAVEN – Kami Garcia & Gabriel Picolo (Honest Review)


Genre: Graphic Novel – Urban Fantasy
Target Audience: 12+
Rating: B (76%)
Goodreads Rating: 4/5

Most know of the extremely fun and hilarious cartoon, Teen Titans. This follows one of the essential members of the team, Raven. After being involved in an accident that killed her mother and wiped her memory, she’s off to live with her aunt and attend a new school

If you appreciate how a stereotypical YA book is written, I can highly recommend this graphic novel. It’s predictable but not in a way that makes it unenjoyable. I actually really enjoyed the characters within, even though I could pick out their motives, their personalities were very well produced and really authentic.

As I’m new to reading graphic novels, I still haven’t gathered the best grasp on what to expect illustration-wise and dialogue-wise. With this in mind, I also thoroughly enjoyed this as well. It wasn’t confusing, and the pictures were pretty! 😜

I had a great time reading this one, I only wish that it was less predictable to read.

The break down of my rating:
Plot: 7/10
Characterisation: 8/10
Development: 7/10
Style & Tone: 7/10
Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

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