THE OPPOSITE OF FALLING APART – Micah Good (Honest Review)


Genre: Young Adult – Contemporary
Target Audience: 12+
Rating: B+ (80%)
Goodreads Rating: 4/5

Following Jonas and Brennan through their unlikely first meet, and onto the friendship they form is one of the cutest and most frustrating things ever.

Jonas (who I keep accidentally calling Jonah) has unfortunately ended up in a car accident that stole him of his leg and of his hopes and dreams. He’s not the same person he once was, the idea of hopping in a car, let alone driving one, scares him half to death.

Then there’s Brennan. A writer and reader that suffers from an anxiety disorder and finds more comfort in her bedroom than anywhere else. With both of these teens struggling to find a grasp on themselves, it takes time and patience to bring them together to help one another out.

I actually found this book to be quite realistic, especially given that it was originally a Wattpad story. The illnesses listed within the book felt real, as well as the interaction amongst the pair. It wasn’t an instant friendship, which I appreciated (given their personalities). Actually, the characterisation was close to spot on, and thoroughly enjoyable. There’s one character that’s introduced that vanishes throughout the story, and I can’t help but be pleased with that outcome. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of life. (I’m not listing which character in hopes to preserve the ‘spoiler free’ part of this review)

Another thing that I loved about this book (and a reason why I love Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell so much), is that it doesn’t sit still. It isn’t all in one place, following one thing, and that’s all. There’s depth to the characters. Jonas wants to be a doctor, and Brennan isn’t really sure but she’s trying. They have their friends and their families. Plus it isn’t them staying at home, twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to happen, their lives go on. It sounds so obvious, but so many books keep the plot in one spot as it goes through the motions, I really appreciated the plot and development in this one.

The break down of my rating:
Characterisation: 9/10
Style & Tone: 6/10
Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

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