Why is everyone talking about ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’?

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This *might* be a new segment on my blog where I talk about books either everyone can’t seem to shut up about ooooor ones that I love that no one seems to be talking about. So look out for new posts that are either:

Why is everyone talking about…?
Why isn’t anyone talking about…?

Today I’m starting with ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston. Instagram can’t seem to shut their traps about this one and I want to know why. What makes this book so special? Let’s figure it out!

What is the book about? An LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy novel featuring the First Son falling in love with the Prince of Wales.
Through piling concerns of political drama, they’re forced to pretend to be best friends. Neither having the time or the desire to market themselves to the world in such a manner, they aren’t thrilled about this new change in their lives. As the two teens grow close to each other, and soon secrets are starting to arise, what can the pair do to stop this massive decision being placed upon them? And how long can secrets stay hidden?

Okay, fine! It sounds pretty freaking adorable. I get it, it’s a super adorable contemporary novel set to capture and break my heart all at once. What makes it different to any other super cute contemporary YA? Is it the royal appeal? More than likely.

You can find the link to this book on goodreads here.

Let’s dive into a little about the author. Onward to her website!

About Casey, written by Casey: I’m a writer—books, essays, books, articles, books. I live at the intersection of fun, escapist romantic adventure and smart-mouthed characters with bad manners and big hearts. I was born and raised in the Deep South, which taught me how to love a good story and a great biscuit, and now I live and work in northern Colorado with my dog, Pepper. I’m represented by Sara Megibow at KT Literary.

I get it. She sounds amazing. She won me over at this sentence: ‘I live at the intersection of fun, escapist romantic adventure and smart-mouthed characters with bad manners and big hearts.’ Because, ME TOO! And if she has this belief then her book has to be built on this belief and that’s just, wham, bam, amazing!

Finally, what are the peeps on Insta saying about this one?

chloejadereads_: I have been reading ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ by @casey.mcquiston and I am IN LOVE! Literally it’s SO funny, and SO cute, and I LOVE the bisexual rep, I just love everything about this??? I hate when I have to stop reading it??

michar23: This book is about the president’s son and a British prince falling in love after starting off as enemies. Whaaaaat! My kink is being answered.

_myfictionalworld: Red, White, and Royal Blue is one of my favorite reads of 2019 so far. It gave me all the feels. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? 

Soooo, I might need to find myself a copy of this one!

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