ALL WE COULD HAVE BEEN – T.E Carter (Honest Review)


Genre: Young Adult – Contemporary
Target Audience: 13+
Rating: B+ (82%)
Goodreads Rating: 4/5

Five years ago, Lexie walked home from school after her older brother failed to pick her up. When she entered her house, her brother sat calmly, waiting for the police to come arrest him for the heinous crime he had just committed.
Treated like a criminal herself, Lexie now moves from school to school hiding who she is—who she’s related to. She struggles with loving her brother, the PTSD she now suffers from, and wanting to just live a normal life. But how can she be normal when she can’t even figure out how to just live? 
This is a powerful look at the assumptions we make about people. Lexie’s emotional journey to separate her brother’s horrific act from herself is stunning and heartbreaking. This is Lexie’s story and journey—not her brother’s—and it will stay with you long after you turn the last page. 

It’s a really interesting concept, and I couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the entire idea. I am one of those people that obsess over true crime shows and love to hear about crime. It’s weird, but at least I’m not the only one!

One thing that I enjoyed most, is that she didn’t reveal what her brother did until later in the novel. So, if you hadn’t read the blurb, you’d have no idea what he did. You’d assume, but you wouldn’t really know, and I really like that. Coming from a place where I did know what he’d done, it’s interesting to see the other side of the story. It’s good to see what Lexie’s life is like after the entire event.

I like the she isn’t okay. I like that she has problems, because the biggest person in her life did this to her. She would’ve been torn, confused, uncertain. I mean, she loves him for Christ sake. The only thing that seems a little unreal to me, is everyone bullying her for it. Everyone calling her out. It just, it doesn’t seem likely. I mean, every school has their dicks, but the entirity of every school wouldn’t just turn their backs. I don’t understand why she keeps running, the whole thing would just blow over within a month, tops.

That’s the only flaw. I really liked the characters, and the way the story was written. I’m also a huge fan of Ryan, and who he is. I like that she understands him, through everything. I also like that he understands her. It’s nice.

I do recommend reading this one, it was a good book!

The break down of my rating:
Characterisation: 9/10
Style & Tone: 9/10
Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

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