I went to Supanova. I conquered the crowds and fangirled over some costumes, and it was incredible. If you don’t know what Supanova is, it’s pretty much Australia’s take on Comic-Con. It’s where the nerds join forces and rule the lands! (I mean, duh, of course).

The reason I went to Supanova was not to cosplay my favourite fictional characters, but rather to meets the sensational, V.E Schwab. I don’t actually have any pictures from this event (and I’m bummed about that, but I was sick, so, cut me a break.) but trust me when I say it was phenomenal.

I could only attend the Saturday of Supanova’s three-day weekend. One because I live like, two hours away from the place and two, because the entry fees are just hefty! Nevertheless, I definitely don’t regret going to Supanova one bit. It did take a little while to search for the seminar room we needed to be at but after going to wrong way and battling waaay too many people, we found it!

We were super early, and with no other plans on the menu, we sat and waited for the doors to open. Having arrived so early does have its perks. The first being that we had some down time to sit and watch everyone in their costumes. Some were freaking amazing! Others had me scratching my head. But I’m so glad that people aren’t afraid to come around and just have a good time!

The second reason getting to the room so early was a good thing was because I got to score a seat at the very front. I could see her face and didn’t have to stretch or lean to do so! Front row baby!!

She spoke a lot about her projects and about her writing routine. She spoke about her pupper and how long she’ll be on tour for. She spoke about movie deals and her take on them. She also spoke about how happy she is to be in Australia, which is super nice to hear!

After she spoke, we snuck downstairs to the signing tables only to learn that she’s having lunch. (Oh gosh darn it!) So we set our booties down onto the floor, cracked open a book and got to waiting. Lucky for us, neighbouring the author’s signing tables was karaoke and guitar hero. Most of the participants were pretty chill, but there were two girls that jumped on stage, happy as happy can be and just rocked it. They screamed into the mic, ripped of their bright coloured wigs and fell to their knees. They were one with the music, and I have to commend them for such bravery.

During this performance is when the wonderful V.E. Schwab comes sauntering out with her cat ears on and entertained smile. We had a chat for a little bit, a little about Australia but mostly about the bellowing girls on stage. I left feeling pretty happy with the conversation. V.E. Schwab is super lovely and I only hope that I’m graced with the opportunity to meet her again.

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