Read Smart. Be Wise.

I absolutely adore independent bookstores. From the bottom of my heart, I absolutely love them. If I had the money, I’m certain I’d spend my time travelling the world in search of them. To buy books and just see the marvelous spaces other book lovers have created. You have to truly love books to own a bookstore.

My love for Indie Bookstores is a big reason why I’m sad to announce that one of my favourite bookstores is closing down. It’s sad that it doesn’t surprise me. No one expects book stores to last anymore, whenever someone sees one, they’re counting down the minutes to when it will shut down. What angers me most is that I don’t blame them. People would rather shop online and get a discount over forking over a few extra bucks to help those stores stay alive.

I’m not going to say kindles are the problem, because they aren’t. I know that some people out there genuinely prefer to read on a kindle. I also know that there are others that just don’t want/can’t afford to cop the cost of a paperback. What annoys me with kindle readers, are the ones that read books illegally. Do those people realise they’re stealing? That they’re taking money from the creators for their own pleasure? It’s selfish. Prove to me that it isn’t. If it keeps up, how are those authors you love going to make an income?

Be wise with your book purchases. Remember what implications you have when you purchase a book. Even when you’re buying a brand new book from one of those cheap stores, are you aware that authors don’t get a buck of it? Keep that in mind too. Support authors and support Indie bookstores, they’re a huge part of the book community. Without them, what would the book community be like?

Published by Tash Broom

I just like books 🤷🏼‍♀️

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