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Today (as I like to do every Friday), I’m diving into another Book tag. This lovely tag was created by whatthelog and I discovered it through Hannah Givens. I decided that as I did a cat tag a few weeks back (you can find that here), it’s only fair to bring the dogs into the book environment as well!

As I like to mention each time, I generally don’t tag anyone. I believe that if you wish to participate in a tag, then do it! Who’s stopping you? Rules are made to be broken. (I’m certain that’s not the reason rules are made, but that’s a topic for another time). Just do what makes you happy, boo!

Let’s get into the tag!


  2. (Eventually) Move on from gushing over puppers and answer the questions.
  3. Say hi to the creator, whatthelog


Pitbull: a book that seemed scary but was actually great


It depends what you mean by scary. Like, a book that seemed massive and hard to overcome because I’m bound to fall into an eternal pit of sorrow and hurt but I enjoyed it regardless because it was amazing? Well, that one’s easy! Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas.

But if you’re asking like, a horror or spooky book that I thought was gonna be a bad one but turned out good the closest I could come to would be Stephanie Perkins’s, There’s Someone Inside Your House. Even then, it wasn’t spooky, I just really liked it. I heard some pretty bad reviews before reading it, and that really knocked down my expectations. Thought it was a good one though!

Beagle: a high energy book that never stopped moving


I read my number Uno choice for this one only recently! (By recently, I do mean a few months backšŸ˜…) This book really kicked it off at a fast pace… ACTUALLY! I have two choices for this one. A contemporary and a fantasy. They both start with a bang! (One more literal than the otheršŸ˜‹)

My contemporary pick is MorganĀ Matson’s, Save the Date, because DAMN, that book never slowed! (In the best way… You could always fill your curiosity by reading my review šŸ˜œ)

My fantasy pick is our (just past) January book club pick, DaughterĀ ofĀ theĀ PirateĀ KingĀ by Tricia Levenseller. You can ALSO view that review here as well!

Sheepdog: a book that was made of fluff


A book that seems full of unnecessary scenes? I actually don’t know. I can’t recall a book that I’ve read that’s been chocker-block of filler scenes. (I’m certain I’ve read some, I just can’t think of any.) So… I guess I can’t answer this one, sorry.


Mutt: a book that was a strange mix of genres


I’ve sat here for a good half an hour trying to wrack my brains for an answer and I just, can’t, think, of one right now. Maybe I’ll post an update if I make a grand discovery but otherwise? I’m just going to be annoying and leave it like this. Sorry!

Chihuahua: a favourite short story or poem


Both of Rainbow Rowell‘s short stories, AlmostĀ Midnight and KindredĀ Spirits are the cutest little stories, ever! Honestly, if you’re in a bad mood and have half an hour on your hands, I highly, HIGHLY recommend locating a copy. You’ll be in a sparkling mood in no time!

Basset Hound: a book with a bad cover but a great story


I’ve spoken of this before, TheĀ Gentleman’sĀ GuideĀ toĀ ViceĀ andĀ VirtueĀ byĀ MackenziĀ Lee is an INCREDIBLE book and needs to be read by anyone and everyone willing to give it a go. It took me a while to convince myself to pick it up, mostly because the cover just ain’t pretty. It’s the truth. Then the Aussie edition is covered in that many stickers it makes the cover worse. šŸ˜¦ Sucks.

Golden Retriever: a book that (pretty much) everybody loves


I’ve answered this before, and because I don’t like hating on books and I haven’t read anything recently that would be reason to hate, I’m gonna skip this one. (Golden Retrievers are ADORABLE though.)

Daschund: a book that was just a little too long


Unpopular opinion. (It’s also a series, not a book). The Mortal Instruments series is way too long and drawn out. It’s taking me years to get through this series. I haven’t started Cassandra Clare’s newest series because I want to get this one smashed out first. I think it should have ended at three books, I think the other three are a little unnecessary. Sorry.

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