10 Australian-Owned Subscription Boxes

At this point I believe that everyone’s heard of subscription boxes, a service that caters to those that love a good surprise. If you haven’t heard of these, let me fill you in on the way (most of) the subscription boxes work. They’re a regulated service run over a certain time period. That may be that monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly, etc. It depends on the company.

This service will have a theme, so you have a very rough idea what could be coming. Usually the box includes three to eight items of book related goodies. Be that stickers, or pins or bookmarks or scarves. It’s a surprise! Usually it includes a book as well, but as of late, there’s been some that offer the box with only the goodies (in case you already have the book).

Hopefully that makes sense! 😂 If not, you’ll catch on. Let’s dive into the boxes!


Box Cost: $39.99 AUD (+ shipping)
Options Available: Young Adult, Limited Edition.
Types of Subscriptions: 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.
About: The YA Chronicles is an Australian YA-centric monthly box that celebrates the passion we all harbour for our favourite stories.
Co-run by two passionate YA readers, Alison & Rebecca, TYAC was created out of a desire to spread the YA book reading love in Australia.
Every month we endeavour to find a book with as diverse a cast of characters as possible (because representation is important), great writing (because how else will you fall into a story?) and exciting plot (to get your heart pumping).
Since beginning in 2015, we’ve found an incredible base of readers across Australia and New Zealand to share new, locally sourced books with. This has become the platform of voices we cater to and engage with, month to month.
TYAC has become what we hoped it would- a platform that allows us to shine a light on local authors, support the Australian publishing industry, and employ local small businesses.
Brought to you by two YA loving book nerds from Sydney, Australia, The YA Chronicles is the best gift to feed your bookish addiction. 
Photo Credit: girlwithallthebooks_


Box Cost: $29.00 – $55.00 AUD (includes shipping)
Options Available: Mixed Genre, Modern Fiction, Crime & Thriller, Young Adult, Books & Tea, Books & Socks, Kids Books & Socks.
Types of Subscriptions: 1 month, fixed term.
About: At Bookabuy we specialise in creating personalised reading journeys.
Treat yourself to a subscription, or create the perfect gift for any occasion in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a book subscription category and the subscription period – monthly (recurring) or fixed term
  2. Give us some information about your (or the gift recipient’s) reading tastes
  3. Sit back and wait to be pleasantly surprised with a new book each month

Bookabuy was founded by two book lovers, Chris & Melissa Tantchev.
We’re an independent small business and pride ourselves on offering a unique, personalised and fun book subscription service. We love books, and want to share that love.
We know you’ll love getting a new book delivered to your door every month, especially when it’s been handpicked and gift wrapped just for you!
Photo Credit: gabbyreadswithtea


Box Cost: $25.00 – $49.95 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Young Adult, Young Adult Lite, Indulgence.
Types of Subscriptions: Reoccurring subscription
About: Every single box will include a new release novel, 4-5 high quality bookish themed items and our signature exclusive bookmark. Each box is specially curated with a cre8ive theme in mind, and it is our hope to not only introduce you to some amazingly talented Aussie businesses but to help immerse you in the world of books. 
Photo Credit: happyindulgence


Box Cost: $30.00 – $35.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Romance, Young Adult, Childrens, Non-Fiction, Crime/Mystery, Fantasy, General Fiction, Horror.
Types of Subscriptions: {Not Yet In Business}
About: I’m an avid book reader and collector.
I enjoy reading, because a book is like a portal into an unknown world.
And I believe everyone should enjoy reading and relaxing.
Here, at Bookworms Of Oz, I give you just that.
Each month you will receive a new book and products.
The products could be related to the book itself or just general luxury items to go with your genre.


Box Cost: $39.90 AUD (+shipping*)
Options Available: Literary Fiction.
Types of Subscriptions: Bi-Monthly; 2 months(1 box), 6 months (3 boxes), 12 months (6 boxes).
About: The Book Forest Crate is Australia’s brand new subscription box, delivered bi-monthly by Forest Fairies to your doorstep!
This whimsical box is your chance to treat yourself (or a loved one) to a beautiful once-off gift or subscription, purposefully designed to help you to relax, unwind and love yourself.
Each term the box will have a new exciting theme. All the boxes will be the same, so you can enjoy your unboxing with your bookish community!
*Free shipping for those living in NT.
Photo Credit: The Book Forest Crate website


Box Cost: $55.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Contemporary Classics & Literary Fiction.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly, three months, six months.
About: Welcome! My name is Whitney and I am the founder and owner of The Bookish Escape Crate. 
Born out of a passion of reading, creating and building a better world, this baby of mine was built when I went on maternity leave back in 2016. After having my first beautiful little boy, I wanted to be able to still exercise my intellectual and creative mind, alongside my new journey into motherhood. 

Some of my core values in life are;
1. Having an education and access to books at all times
2. Being more eco-conscious, slowing down and being present
3. Always having an outlet for your creativity!

These values run through the veins of this business. In this fast paced world we live in, we need to cut the noise out of our lives occasionally and reset. Allow us to do that in your bookish crate of slow living goodness, filled with literary references and items to allow you to just be in the present moment, and escape the busy world. Get yourself lost in a good book, knowing you’re doing something right for the environment, and spread the literary love
Photo Credit: The Bookish Escape website


Box Cost: $46.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Science Fiction & Fantasy (a mixture of YA & adult books)
Types of Subscriptions: Bi-Monthly; 2 months(1 box), 6 months (3 boxes), 12 months (6 boxes).
About: The Never Never Book Box spawned out of an obsession with all things speculative fiction, and a love for opening presents. We wanted to create a bookish subscription box that demonstrated the diversity and talent of the Australian Speculative Fiction community, created by readers for readers. And we wanted something affordable, without sacrificing the quality of our titles or merchandise.
So, late one night, from the mind of a mad-woman with internet access emerged the Never Never Book Box, Australia’s first Speculative Fiction Book Box.
We want every box to be a special experience for our subscribers. To feel like they’ve added a little bit of magic to their world. Our titles are exclusively Speculative Fiction works, with both Adult and YA titles.
Never Never HQ is based on the NSW South Coast, where the crew of the Jolly Roger carefully pack your boxes and ship them off to you using the finest in Pixie Dust transportation.
Photo Credit: David Versace


Box Cost: $11.00 – $16.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Romance, Children’s, Fantasy, True Crime, YA, History.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
About: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Once a book is read what happens to it? It sits up on a shelf or put away into storage in a cupboard or shed or even worst it goes into landfill. What use is it to anyone not being used? We aim to put preowned books back into circulation. Save money, the environment, and great literature. 
Photo Credit: The Relove Print website.


Box Cost: $31.12 AUD (free shipping)
Options Available: Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Romance, Children’s, Fantasy, True Crime, YA, History.
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly.
About:  Aussie Nerd Herd is a Western Australian based online book club. Delivering you a monthly box jam packed with value! Each month you receive a carefully selected book (or two depending what you sign up to), 2-5 gifts, information about the author and tea/coffee of the month. Sign up any time during the month to receive that month’s box. Orders are mailed no more than 5 days after ordering, and 5 days after your renewal. Best bit is you can cancel any time! (although I don’t know why you would).
Photo Credit:The Aussie Nerd Herd website.


Box Cost: $30.00 – 48.00 AUD (+shipping)
Options Available: Literary Fiction
Types of Subscriptions: Monthly (one book), Monthly (two books), 6 months, 12 months.
About:  The New Romantics book box is a subscription service for romance novels and beauty and self care products. Subscribe to receive a new work of romance fiction every month, along with gorgeous gifts hand-selected by our team and produced by local and independent suppliers
Photo Credit:The New Romantics Book Box Facebook page.

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