The Zoo Book Tag! (Tiggity Tag Friday)

This week we’re doing the Zoo Book Tag! This tag was created by Celine! Thanks Celine! You should go check her out! She’s great!

1. Gorilla- a book that beat up all of your emotions

Goodness, I know exactly which one to choose for this one. Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas gave my heart a beating and my eyes a workout. I already want to read the entire series again! Love it! Still can’t believe it’s over!

2. Elephant- a classic that you think deserves all the hype it gets

I’m going to choose The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for this one. I believe that this is a YA classic, by all means. It’s an incredbile trilogy, one of the only trilogies where I loved them all. Definitely worth the hype!

3. Giraffe- a long book that you enjoyed

I’m going to pick a recent one, mostly because I cannot wait for the final book to be released and that’s The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest. Honestly, I could also say that the first book in this series, The Black Witch also fits super well for this category. So, just take your pick. Both are incredible and both are chunkers.

4. Jellyfish- a book that you love, but is more lighthearted than deep

I’m going to go with the book written by the King and Queen of the LGBT+ book community, and that’s What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. It’s a great book!

5. Tortoise- a slow-paced book

I’m goping to apologise in advance for this one. I know so many people absolutely adore this novel and I get it, I do. It just wasn’t for me, but I found Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo to be one of the slowest books I’ve read so far. Maybe it was the hype surrounding it or maybe it simply isn’t my cup of tea, I just was expecting it to be a really fun and fast book. I was mistaken.

6. Cheetah- a fast-paced book

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller starts off with a bang and never stops. It’s incredible and fun. I highly, highly recommend this one!

7. Roseate Spoonbill- a book with pink on the cover

I’ll pick the last book I read, mostly because I adored it. Also because it’s one of the most unique books I’ve read in a long time! It’s That Boy by Jillian Dodd. I’m hyped to get my hands on the second book!

8. Peacock- a book with beautiful writing

I’m going to pick a classic YA author here, mostly because, they’re classic authors for a reason, right? Any of John Green’s books are incredible. He’s just one of those people that writes magic.

9. Butterfly- a short book that you enjoyed

Rainbow Rowell’s, Almost Midnight is the winner in this category. Duh. Rainbow Rowell only writes perfection injected with adorableness. So, obviously her short stories and little novellas are the best.

10. Penguin- a book that is a good winter read

I don’t have a good winter read. I’m not very good at reading because of a season. So, I’ll just recommend a good book instead, and that will be Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark. So good!

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