Kiss, Marry, Cliff. (Tiggity Tag Friday)

Welcome back to Tiggity Tag Friday! Where I pick a book tag, give credit where it’s due and ignore the rest of the rules! If you feel like participating in this tag, you’re officially tagged 😛 You should definitely link me to where you’ve done this tag or any other tag! Feel free to even play along in the comments!

Photos of the books will be attached to each of the questions, and I will link all of the mentioned books back to Goodreads if something peaks your interest.

Kiss Marry Cliff

The book tag I’ve chosen this week is the ‘Marry, Kiss, Cliff’ created by… I’m not sure. This game has been around for a long while, so it could be anyone!


  1. Give credit to the creator of the tag! (Please tell me if you know who made this tag)
  2. Write some names on separate bits of paper and throw that into a bowl.
  3. Mixing and without looking, pick out three names and decide their individual fates. One, you have to kiss. Another you have to marry and the last, you get to shove off a cliff and watch them plummet deep into a cavern.
  4. Have fun!




Meyer - TwilightGreen - The Fault in Our StarsKaufman & Spooner - Unearthed

1. Aro (Volturi – Twilight)
2. Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars)
3. Jules (Unearthed)

I have an issue. If I’m only allow to push someone off of a cliff, what if that person were to, I don’t know, survive that fall? Like, if I were to push Aro off of a cliff, he’d be back in a hot second to throw me off and I can guarantee that I won’t be able to survive crashing into the ground beneath. Sooooo, I’m going to, Kiss AugustusMarry Jules (because he’s a sweetheart and deserves nothing more than to be cherished) and Kill Aro and accept my ultimate end. (At least I tried, right?)

Honest and spoiler-free Unearthed Review, click here. 



Lee - The Gentleman's GuideMead - Vampire AcademyManiscalco - Stalking Jack the Ripper

1. Henry Montague Sr. (Monty and Felicity’s father – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue)
2. Mason (Vampire Academy)
3. Audrey-Rose (Stalking Jack the Ripper)

At least this one’s an easy fix! Because Audrey-Rose is from a time period where same-sex ideals have yet to be equally recognised, I’m going to have to kiss Audrey-Rose to prevent her from such ethical issues. (I know she would support it regardless). I’m gonna chuck a ring on his finger and Marry Mason whilst so very eagerly tossing Henry Montague Sr. from a cliff.

Honest and spoiler-free The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue review, click here. Vampire Academy’s review is here and Stalking Jack the Ripper’s review is this one.



Rowell - Eleanor and ParkRowell - FangirlNoni - Akarnae

1. Park (Eleanor & Park)
2. Cath (Fangirl)
3. Aven (Akarnae)

Okay, so I can’t quite remember how easy it would be to kill Aven but I’m guessing not very. So I could potentially be tossing up another death scenario here. I’d obviously kill Aven but as for the other two… I might just Kiss Cath and Marry ParkThey’re both fabulous and cute and adorable and I’d happily Kiss Park and Marry Cath. I just have to make a choice and the choice has been made.


Maas Throne of GlassRoth - Carve the MarkLee - The Gentleman's Guide

1. Maeve (Throne of Glass)
2. Cyra (Carve the Mark)
3. Percy (The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue)

Luck is really curving my way. I was hoping that I’d pull out a bunch of the awful people as a group and make it super tough for me, but they’ve spread themselves out a little bit too much and now my decisions aren’t as hard as I wanted them to be. So, let’s push that bitch Maeve off (and she survives to kill me, yaaaay). Let’s Kiss Percy because I ain’t no man stealer and Marry Cyra. 

Honest and spoiler-free Throne of Glass review, click here.



Maas Throne of GlassNiven - All the Bright PlacesMatson - The Unexpected Everything

1. Fenrys (Throne of Glass)
2. Violet (All the Bright Places)
3. Clark (The Unexpected Everything)

So… I may havve jinxed myself. I finally have a toughie! Sort of. I mean, there’s no dimension that exists where I don’t Marry Fenrys. He’s sweet and caring and down right sexy. So, duh. Fenrys. I’d have to Kiss Clark but only because I love him that little bit more than Violet. By little, I do mean a lot more than Violet. He’s so nerdy and cute and relatable and gods be damned if I don’t pick him. Which leaves me to bring Violet to her unfortunate demise, I’m sorry!!

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