Writing Tip #2: Ignore the Numbers

I’m not going to start this like every other big franchise blog. I’m not going to ask the rhetorical questions and make it seem like I’m pretending to care, because I do care. The truth is, I love writing. I’ve always loved to write since I was young. The earliest story I’ve found from myself was about a Unicorn named Horny and her adventure. (A great story, but I’ll get to that one another time 😛 )

I properly got into writing when I hit high school, I was twelve maybe thirteen. I’ve been writing ever since, and have a massive interest in learning how to better myself. I want to be able to show others what I’ve learned along the way.  So, here are some tips and tricks on how to embrace your writing flair!

Ignore the Numbers

When you listen to authors talk about their writing, usually they’ll mention what their daily word count is or how much they strive to write a week. A piece of advice? Ignore that. If you want to get into writing, first things first, you need to form a habit. Does it matter how much you write a day? Of course not, you should be writing because you love it. Most importantly, because it makes you happy.

When you sit down to write and you only write 50 words, is that enough? Of course it is. As long as you make an effort every day it doesn’t matter how much you’re writing. Some days you’ll write 5,000 words and others you’re scratching to write a sentence. It’s just how the brain can be sometimes, don’t get frustrated. Try again tomorrow.

Another reason why I believe you should focus less on the numbers is because sometimes, we can all get a bit obsessive. We can focus so much on how much we’re writing and not enough on the quality we’re writing. Cool, you’ve written 3,000 words today, how much of that will you keep? How much of that did you love writing? How much of that are you proud of?

Don’t get me wrong, your first draft will most likely suck. It will be awful, because that’s just how first drafts go. How awful is it? Will you need to rewrite the entire thing? Or can you just into some long-hours of editing instead? Quality matters, believe me.

Just forget about the numbers and just love writing.


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I just like books 🤷🏼‍♀️

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