Sarah J. Maas is coming to Australia?!

KOA Tour Australia & NZ

I’m so freaking pumped! You have no idea. Sarah J. Maas has been my favourite author since Throne of Glass was released in 2012. I accidentally missed her first visit to Australia in 2015 as I was going to through a pretty massive reading slump at the time. (The slump lasted 2 years D:, but that’s a topic for another time.)

I AM NOT MISSING THIS OPPORTUNITY. I will be the first person clicking that purchase button if I have to.  I will hate myself for eternity if I don’t get the chance to meet this marvellous woman. She’s my inspiration and everything I want to be when I finally release my book. Her writing is exceptional and her world building is perfection. Not to mention her foreshadowing!!

She’s incredible and everyone that is anyone knows who she is and that she will have so many fans lining up to see her. I know there’s a pretty massive chance that when the tickets go on sale, whenever that may be, that we might miss out on going. I can’t afford that risk.

Also, this information can also be found in our Australian YA Events page. When we find out more information, we’ll post it as soon as we can! Thanks!


(By we, I mean Alex and I, you can find her on instagram as the_writing_butler)

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