HERDING CATS – Sarah Scribbles (Honest Review)

The third book in the Sarah Scribbles collection.

Anderson - Herding CatsGenre: Comic
Target Audience: 11+
Goodreads Rating: 5/5

Goodreads description:
“…author Sarah Andersen uses hilarious (and adorable) comics to illustrate the very specific growing pains that occur on your way to becoming a mature, put-together grownup. Andersen’s spot-on illustrations also show how to navigate this newfound adulthood once you arrive, since maturity is equally as hard to maintain as it is to find… ”
–The Huffington Post
Sarah valiantly struggles with waking up in the morning, being productive, and dealing with social situations. Sarah’s Scribbles is the comic strip that follows her life, finding humor in living as an adulting introvert that is at times weird, awkward, and embarrassing.

This was another fabulous edition to her Sarah Scribbles collection. I don’t normally post reviews about sequels but this one deserves it. Absolutely hilarious and relatable. Whoever hasn’t read or head of this marvellous creator before needs to stop what they’re doing IMMEDIANTLY and pick up of of her books! They’re amazing! And funny! What more is there to love?


Marvellous. Read it!

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