December 2017 Bookstagram Challenge


What’s a Bookstagram challenge?
A Bookstagram Challenge is a month-long challenge that involves you and your books and bookish items. It’s a fun way to post more on your social media pages and just have fun showcasing what you own and the opinions you have on the books. Each day has a different theme that you have to cater to, so you have to make sure that you have a theme that works for you. Fortunately, I’ve got a list of some December challenges below, Ready?! LET’S GO!

Each photo has a link to the creator’s page.


DecInBooks17 (bookishglee)DecemberBookChallenge (thesongofbooks)Oh My Bookmas Challenge (ohmybookstagram)AmpersandDec17 (commasandampersands)AlltheBooksDec (thereaderbee)

And there are plenty more! Just spend a little time searching on Instagram and I’m sure you’ll find some others.

Let us know which one you choose!


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