JUNIPER LEMON’S HAPPINESS INDEX – Julie Israel (Honest Review)


Israel - Juniper Lemon's Happiness IndexGenre: Young Adult – Contemporary
Target Audience: 14+ 
A (90%)
Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5

A heart-wrenching yet cute story that shows the pain and affects losing someone can cause and how everyone deals with it differently.

Goodreads Description:
It’s been sixty-five days since the accident that killed Juniper’s sister, and ripped Juniper’s world apart.
Then she finds the love letter: written by Camilla on the day of the accident, addressed mysteriously to “You,” but never sent. Desperate to learn You’s identity and deliver the message, Juniper starts to investigate.
Until she loses something. A card from her Happiness Index: a ritual started by sunny Camie for logging positives each day. It’s what’s been holding Juniper together since her death – but a lost card only widens the hole she left behind. And this particular card contains Juniper’s own dark secret: a memory she can’t let anyone else find out.
The search for You and her card take Juniper to even less expected places, and as she connects with those whose secrets she upturns in the effort, she may just find the means to make peace with her own.
This is a smart, funny, poignant book guaranteed to make you laugh and cry – and maybe even take notes.

This story is devastatingly adorable. Everything about the adventure that this contemporary novel takes you on is cute or funny or sad, but in the best way possible. It really captures the emotion that Juniper’s going through, and portrays what it’s like to lose someone and how hard it is to accept that as a fact.

The entire duration of this book is about love. The love this stranger ‘You’ has for Camilla, the love Juniper has for her sister and the love that forms between Juniper and her love interest (can’t tell you who ;P). The fact that Juniper is willing to try until the very end to deliver a note from her sister to this mystery guy is adorable and incredible. It’s an adventure in itself trying to figure out on your own who ‘You’ is.

I found that I never got bored or distracted throughout the duration of this book. I thought it was sweet and perfect. I thought the emotion captured in Israel’s writing was perfect, and the guilt that Juniper carries from her sister’s death an extra layer to this marvellous cake.

I can’t find anything that I can point out as wrong or bad or confusing. I haven’t discovered any plot holes, nor did I have an issue with any of the plot. In saying this, I didn’t find anything that wow’d me. I thought this was a marvellous novel. Funny, sweet, adorable, sad. I love a book that makes me feel, but despite everything good that it had going for it, it still felt as if it was missing something that would’ve made me give this book a perfect score.

The break down of my rating:
Plot: 9/10
Characterisation: 9/10
Style & Tone: 9/10
Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

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