To Be Readathon 2017

To Be Readathon 2017 lounged on the couch at my residence, the television on – but I wasn’t really watching it. It was a Monday, the 6th of November, to be exact. I was on my phone, on YouTube watching one of my favourite BookTubers, ReadbyZoe. She holds 24 hour Readathons quite frequently on her channel and I couldn’t help but feel compelled to start my own Readathon, because it honestly just seemed like a pile of fun. Knowing I didn’t want to complete this task alone, I rang the one person I knew would be just as eager as myself to complete this feat, Alex Butler (AlexButler.Writer).

We both had the same idea, using this Readathon to smash out those books that had been resting for far too long on our ‘To Be Read’ piles. That gosh darn-it TBR pile. With that in mind, we had a name, ‘To Be Readathon’. It was going to be a reality. We set the date, the 13th to the 14th. Literally a week later. We planned food, and drinks and methods to stay awake. We picked out books – far too many books. Alex had a pile of 11, myself with 15. We both knew we wouldn’t read that many. We both also knew which books would most likely be read – but we had to have the choice, because what if my mood shifted?!

So we waited anxiously, excitedly, for the event. When the day came, I was nervous because I knew I probably couldn’t pull an all-nighter like a used to be able to. We were smart, starting our To Be Readathon at 9am. Plenty of time for rest and plenty of time to prepare. We took photos of our TBR piles in advance, prepared to post them whenever necessary, because how could we abandon Bookstagram?!

We started at the local park. Sat at a picnic table beneath a shady tree. We had a picnic basket of food, Iced Tea that we never ended up touching and BOOKS. I started with a book I had unintentionally abandoned a few months before – Draekora, the third installment in Lynette Noni’s Medoran Chronicles. Alex had the same method, starting with a book she had already started. She chose A Conjuring of Light in V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic trilogy.

At the beginning of the Readathon, despite getting distracted by a few birds – eager to help the little scavengers with nibbling on some Salt and Vinegar chips, we had a very good start. We managed to stay at the park until one-thirty before we moved to another park, closer to our dinner location, where we proceeded to get distracted by more birds, these ones more friendlier – one of the magpies could catch! And the bubba Maggie insisted on carrying around a stick. CUTE!

It was in these two destinations that my back grew to love the sun too much. Keep in mind that I tried to stick to the shade as much as I possibly could. This was one of the first realisations of the day –  next time, wear sunscreen.

It took me a few hours to complete Draekora. I finished it a few hours into the Readathon, possibly around 11 or 12. With a quick post to Instagram, I moved onto Tower of Dawn, sixth installment to the Throne of Glass series by the amazing, and truly wonderful Sarah J. Maas. At this point, Alex and I were still in our prime. Eager to read, flying rapidly through the pages.

Once we had moved to the new park, we only lasted an hour before moving again. Reason being, the adorable magpies were causing too much distraction and the park was FREEZING. So we jumped back in the car and made our way towards Hungry Jacks (Burger King). $1 Jumbo frozen drinks anyone?

We nibbled on chips and continued to read, Alex was finding trouble getting through the end of A Conjuring of Light so switched to One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus. That only lasted an hour or so before she switched back, eager to learn the ending to what remained in the Shades of Magic trilogy.

After 2 hours into our stay at Hungry Jacks, we made our fourth move, this time to a sitting area located near our dinner location. We didn’t want to have dinner early, knowing that we intended to read inside. So we waited outside, reading. It wasn’t until 2 hours later, around 7PM that we entered the building, scoffed down our chocolate drowned waffles and continued the marathon to which Alex finished A Conjuring of Light. 

We made our way towards home around 9:45PM, getting home at about 10:30. We found ourselves perched on the couch, as comfortable as can be – especially after the day had started to take a toll on our backs. The second tip of the readathon – start out somewhere comfortable and by the end of the readathon move to the more uncomfortable locations.

Alex started Queen of Shadows the fourth installment to Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series. She only got a seventy pages in before sleep started to tug at her. It was sometime after one when she fell asleep. In the duration between getting home and Alex falling asleep, my cats insisted on being a distraction. The eldest – Black Cat – wished for milk and the middle cat – Gingy – insisted on attacking our youngest – Fifi – whilst she was sleeping. It took about forty minutes of getting up and laying back down before they settled, Fifi beside me – out of reach of Gingy. Gingy in our spare room and Black Cat directly on top of Alex.

I continued to stay up past 1AM, having a short amount of the book left to read. IT WAS GETTING EXCITING AND NERVE-WRECKING!! It took me three more hours to finish this terrific novel. Alex ended up waking up half an hour before four to continue reading. I, on the other hand was suffering from numb legs. Fifi had moved from her perch beside me, and insisted on sleeping on my legs, knowing I couldn’t move her in case Gingy would strike again, I have to leave her there. It was Fifi that convinced me to admit to defeat to my closing eyes and go to bed, taking her with me. I didn’t wake up again until 9AM, announcing the end of the To Be Readathon.

Although neither Alex and I completed staying up the full 24-hours, we both had a really good time doing it and we’re definitely planning on doing it again. We were even discussing making it a quarterly thing! Which would be exciting. I enjoyed reading two books that I had desperately been wanting to read for a few months now. Both were enjoyable, and definitely perfect choices for the To Be Readathon.

I started on page 153 of Draekora, which lead me to reading 282 pages.

I began Tower of Dawn during the To Be Readathon, and read it’s entirety of 660 pages.

In total I read 942 pages, 58 pages from my 1000 page goal. If only I stayed awake!



Akarnae (Book 1 in the Medoran Chronicles) by Lynette Noni

A Darker Shade of Magic (Book 1 in the Shades of Magic trilogy) by V.E Schwab

Throne of Glass (Book 1 in the Throne of Glass series) by Sarah J. Maas


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