Writing Down the Books You Wanted

I think every bookworm has been through the process of forgetting the title of a book, or what it was you last read, but let me tell you what I do. I use what I like to refer to as a ‘Book Book’. This is a book, for your books. So, grab a notebook you like the look of. The more durable, and the more compact the better. Something that you can slip into your pocket or bag is the desirable size. I must stress, you MUST like it. The more you like it, the more excited you will be about using it. Don’t be afraid to spend some $$ on it.

Originally, I purchased a cheap, $3 notebook with a cheesy saying and I found that it worked with me. I know that this is 100% contradicting what I just said, but another good tip is to get a cheap notebook to begin with, just to see if this is something that will work for you. Once I knew that I loved this plan, knowing that I have a little book filled with books that I plan to buy, I upgraded. I paid $20AUD for a little A6 notebook. It looks like an antique book!

This is my Book Book:

Paperblanks green notebook

I love green. I love books. I love this notebook. I still love it after owning it for two years (and now it’s half full!).

I’ve been doing this Book Book thing for three years and I really suggest you give it ago. I understand that this isn’t for everyone. I know some people will think that it’s too much effort or that it’s not worth it,  or it’s not something you need to do. Maybe you even have a different method of remembering. Honestly, I strongly suggest giving this little notebook method a crack.

Let me know if it works for you!

Published by Tash Broom

I just like books 🤷🏼‍♀️

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