Planning a 24hr Readathon

My friend, Alex and I have set the date for Monday, the 13th of November, 2017 for our 24-Hour Readathon at 9AM AEST. This is our very first readathon. We’re keen as a bean, and a little bit nervous. We have no idea what we want to read, or how we might decide to tackle this, but we’re going to find out! I decided to bring you guys along with the research of planning a readathon, and so far, all I have is a list of things that may need to be considered:

  1. The Books.
  2. Time of Beginning.
  3. Food & Drinks.
  4. Location.
  5. Method of staying awake.

So let’s dive in!

1. The Books.

I’ve been reading around, watching readathons and everyone seems to have a different method. So I’ll do what I do best, and make a list.

Option 1: The simple method. Pick short and easy reads, maybe even choose a few graphic novels to chuck on your pile. Stride through the 24-Hours with the knowledge that every few hours you’ll be able to change it up.

Option 2: Tackle the TBR. A tall To Be Read pile can be intimidating, and using the 24-Hour Readathon may be a good way to tackle some of those pesky books that keep evading your eyes. You may not go through as many books as the simple method, but at least you’ll be confident that you’ve pushed through some of those books you’ve left unread a little longer than anticipated. (Be aware, this method can leave you exhausted if you don’t put the lighter reads or scary novels at the end.)

Option 3: The Chunker. Find a massive book, and smash through it. Not literally, of course. You may have one or two giant books sitting on your shelf that just seem really intimidating. Maybe it’s time to give that big fella a go? (This method can also leave you drained.)

All of these options have one thing in common, and that is: Just have fun. That’s all the readathon is about.

2. Time of Beginning.

The time that you begin doesn’t matter. The ideal time to begin would be about an hour or so after you’ve woken up. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the 24-hours ahead. Some people start their readathons at midnight, others at 7AM. It’s honestly up to those participating.

3. Food & Drinks.

The day of your readathon won’t be the most healthiest day. It will most likely be the day you choose to splurge a little bit on takeout. You may prepare snacks. What’s most important, is that you have a food plan for that 24-hour period. You don’t want to waste some of that precious reading time cooking something for lunch or dinner. However, make sure that you have healthy options in your food plan, be it carrot sticks and celery or just an apple. Make sure you find a way to care for your body.

You may have an idea on what sort of drinks you’ll be consuming on this day. Coffee? Tea? Energy Drinks? Anything that contains caffeine is probably a good option for the later portion of the readathon, but don’t forget water. You should make sure that your water ratio is above your caffeine ratio, even if it means more trips to the toilet.

4. Location.

Who says you need only one location? Most may prefer to read at home, however, some may be reading in a group with friends, and where would be the best place for you to read within that group? You could go to a park, or the local library. Maybe even take a visit to the beach, or a little cafe. Find somewhere that you and/or your group finds comfortable and easy to read. The better the location, the better the reading experience. Make sure to choose somewhere that doesn’t have too many distractions, otherwise procrastination could be an issue.

5. Method of Staying Awake.

Let’s list the obvious first: Caffeine.

Also, you might be able to try a creepy book when you find yourself drifting off. Or even throw a bucket of cold water over yourself. Ignore point #4 and make yourself incredibly uncomfortable. Or chuck some music on and dance. Dance your little heart out.

If you find that it isn’t worth staying awake, don’t force yourself to. The readathon is about enjoying yourself. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to claim the bed, just do it. Sleep is important.


So this is the list. Alex and I will update everyone on the Readathon the closer the event comes. Currently we’re where we want to sit and read at the beginning. We’re also individually trying to decide on what to read on the day. I want to be able to let my mood of the day decide, but since we’ll be travelling around a bit, I’m going to have to create a diverse pile of books to read.

Click here for Alex’s Instagram.


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